Ann Jorgensen and Mary Schostok, Two Appointed 2nd Appellate Court Justices, Emerge Victorious GOP Primary

Two women appointed by Illinois Supreme Court Justice Robert Miller, Appellate Court Justices Ann Jorgensen and Mary Schostok, carried the day Tuesday.

Below you see the preliminary results of the judicial district that sprawls across northern Illinois from Lake Michigan to the Mississippi River.

Jorgensen beat out former DuPage County Judge Kenneth Moy by a margin of 2-1.  Schostok’s race was significantly closer.  She defeated McHenry County attorney Donna Kelly 54% to 46%.

Appellate Court – 2-Callum – GOP Primary
Illinois – 2351 of 2351 Precincts Reporting – 100%
Name Party Votes Vote %
Jorgensen , Ann GOP 153,996 67%
Moy , Kenneth GOP 76,836 33%
Appellate Court – 2-Gilleran-Johnson – GOP Primary
Illinois – 2351 of 2351 Precincts Reporting – 100%
Name Party Votes Vote %
Schostok , Mary GOP 118,573 54%
Kelly , Donna GOP 102,588 46%

Jorgensen won 60.6% of the electorate in McHenry County, where former McHenry County Board member and relative Perry Moy lives.  The vote was 13,746 to 8,955 with a relative few ballots still uncounted.

Kenneth Moy's third mailing.

Moy sent out at least three large postcard mailers.

The back of Kenneth Moy's third mailing.

Jorgensen countered with one.  Click to enlarge any image.

Justice Ann Jorgensen's only mailing. She won 2-1.

Jorgensen used a comparison approach based on bar association members’ evaluations of the two candidates.

On the back of her comparison piece, Justice Ann Jorgensen listed her endorsements. The one from the Chicago Tribune was even more impressive than the quote she used. The Tribune suggested people should not be surprised to see her serve on the Illinois Supreme Court in the future. The photo does not do her justice. I guess her advisers wanted her to look "judicially serious."

In the second contest, Schostok was pitted against McHenry County attorney Donna Kelly.

Kelly carried McHenry County 11,751 to 10,198. She received 53.5% of the vote, giving her a leg up as a proven vote getter for the next local judgeship.

I saw yard signs for Kelly, but no mailing or literature.

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