Burkey Accepts No Raise This Year after Salary Hike of $70,000 since 2006

Huntley School District 158’s Superintendent John Burkey got about a $40,000 salary increase to come to Huntley in 2006.

In this fourth year as Superintendent his salary currently is $178,000.

He began in Huntley at $145,000.

After three years of raises, they added $33,000 to his starting salary.

When the board of education voted for a new contract for Burkey at January’s board meeting, they gave him an extra week’s vacation.  The vote was 5-1.  Kevin Gentry wasn’t present for the meeting and Aileen Seedorf voted “No.”

Unlike classroom teachers in Huntley, all of Burkey’s personal contributions toward his pension don’t come out of Burkey’s paycheck. Not a penny as far as I can tell.

Maybe this is not unusual.

There are districts where the taxpayers pay not only the required school district’s contribution to the Downstate Teachers Retirement System, but what started out as the employee share.

When you take the value for the benefits of insurance (well over $20,000) and add the personal contributions to Burkey’s pension that he normally should be paying for, the value of Burkey’s new contract next year is well past $210,000.

If you were pulling down a salary of about $105,000 in June, 2006, that’s not much of a financial sacrifice next year. And, Burkey had a free trip to China (not paid for by the district).

Board member Kim Skaja wrote on Huntley’s Neighbors,

“He started with a cut in pay and the pay was then restored as he gained experience.”

Let’s see,

  • Year 1   2006 – 2007   $ 145,000
  • Year 2   2007 – 2008   $155,000
  • Year 3   2008 – 2009   $166,000
  • Year 4   2009 – 2010   $ 178,000

Doesn’t look as if Supt. Burkey ever received a “cut in pay,” as Skaja says.

He received a large $40,000 increase in compensation upon getting his first Superintendency in Huntley.

I fail to see how that is “a cut in pay.”

Not in a small one.

Not in a medium sized one.

Burkey now has a three-year contract paying a minimum salary of $178,000 a year each year.


Burkey Accepts No Raise This Year after Salary Hike of $70,000 since 2006 — 4 Comments

  1. that is insane… but, it is that way in my district as well. “Rock and Roll” salaries are a thing of the past in the private sector. Perhaps the public sector is in need of similar trimming? Go figure

  2. Don’t forget that his family’s insurance is also 100% paid for by the taxpayers. And insurance, as it does every year, will increase, therefore he will be getting a raise (in benefits) next year.

  3. That is the kind of statement you would expect from a career board member. Anything to see her name in print.

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