McHenry County Circuit Clerk Kathy Keefe Makes Web Site More Useful

Below is a press release just received from McHenry County Circuit Clerk Kathy Keefe:

McHenry County Circuit Clerk adds features to Website

WOODSTOCK, IL – The McHenry County Circuit Clerk’s Office is pleased to announce the addition of public court case information search capabilities to its website. Cases which are open to the public can be searched by case number, ticket number, or party name.

Searchable information includes: basic case details, including charges/sentences,

  • next court date,
  • parties to the case,
  • summons information, and
  • balance due on financial sentences.

Circuit Clerk Kathy Keefe explained,

“Public access has long been a major goal for the Circuit Clerk’s Office and we are thrilled to now be able to provide this service…we will continue to look for ways to use technology to make court information more accessible and dealing with our office more convenient…”

In addition to the public court case information search, the Circuit Clerk’s Office now has the ability for individuals to request electronic copies by email.

After a request is received, the Circuit Clerk’s Office researches the number of pages in the requested court documents and the fee for the copies is sent back to the requester. After payment has been received (which can be made online), the document copies are emailed in .pdf format. The charge for electronic copies is the same as paper copies, $2.00 for the first page, $.50 per page for the next 19 pages, and $.25 per page for additional pages. Unfortunately, the Circuit Clerk’s Office cannot email certified copies at this time. They hope to add that feature within the next few months.

Circuit Clerk Keefe continued,

“…we believe these new service will improve our level of customer service by eliminating unnecessary trips to the Courthouse and allowing for a much quicker return of documents, rather than waiting for copies to arrive by mail. The fees for electronic documents are consistent with our normal copy fees pursuant to state statute.  At this time we are unable to offer certified copies, but hope to also be able to offer certified copies electronically in the near future.”

For more information, please visit the McHenry County Circuit Clerk’s website at


McHenry County Circuit Clerk Kathy Keefe Makes Web Site More Useful — 6 Comments

  1. I am patricia Slone, Daughter is Barbara Kleiva Her first court date was2/5/16 She has cancer and probable was sick,

    We missed that date She is in Manor Care nursing home in libertyville Il for the past 2 weeks.

    I called a couple of days ago to find a solution they she said go to http://www.mchenrycircuitclerk,org to take care of the problem.

    The only thing I was able to do was pay the ticket.

    I tried to sign her up for school on line with no luck

    Her ticket # is 832402418.

    I am not sure what to do now

    My home phone is 815-385-6818.

    Please advise. Thank you

  2. What do I mail in for proof of insurance for a traffic stop, so I don’t have to go to court

  3. Sorry, but I don’t know.

    I would suggest you call the Circuit Clerk’s Office and ask.

  4. Here is what Circuit Clerk Kathy Keefe says:

    We have a page on our website that gives the details of how they can come to our office (Room 136) and show their proof of insurance, also signing a “Mandatory Insurance Affidavit” that swears they were insured at the time they received their ticket. There is a link to “Mandatory Insurance Affidavit” form on this same page. The affidavit requires notarization, but we have notaries who can do that for them when they bring the form and their proof of insurance to our counter.

  5. My name is Gina McKenzie.Im looking for my court records. I need to know if I have court today. I can’t find a court date yet. but my alarm went off telling me i have court today. Unless it was for my son Ryan or Richard McKenzie can you please send me the court information for one of us today. My email is Thank you.

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