Kane County Board Chairwoman Says “No Pay to Play”

The Daley Herald’s James Fuller has done a comparison between local campaign contributions and vendor contributions that I have not seen since the article Allison Smith wrote for the Northwest Herald and the ones I wrote for McHenry County Blog.

That’s when campaign contributions to school tax hike committees, District 200’s and 300’s especially, were examined to see if those doing business with school districts were helping those pushing for tax hikes.

Guess what?

They were.

Now the Daily Herald looks for connections between Kane County Chairwoman Karen McConnaughay’s campaign war chest and county vendors.

And finds forty-three.

No pay to play, the chairlady says.

It may look bad, but she deliberately removes herself from the county’s vendor selection process.

One commenter points out that she gives contributions to board members who support her and who vote on vendor selection.

Another says, “Just keep on moving, nothing to see here folks.”


Kane County Board Chairwoman Says “No Pay to Play” — 1 Comment

  1. This is classic “pay for play” politics, where money is actually changing hands.

    McConnaughay should be investigated as well as board members, Republicans John Fahy of West Dundee, Cathy Hurlbut of Elgin, Phil Lewis of St. Charles and others who receive money from her campaign war chest.

    Where is Patrick Fitzgerald when you really need him? Maybe its too easy for him, he likes them real complicated, or maybe it involve’s too many Republicans.

    And where is Lisa Madigan, she promised to “Fight public corruption”.

    She had the opportunity to investigate the corrupt Carpentersville Village Board and its corrupt Fire Chief/Village Manager ( double dipper).

    After four straight years of “no opinion” Audit’s, the situation screamed for an investigation. No other Village in the 200 year history of Illinois had ever filed “no opinion” Audit’s for four straight years.

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