Applications for $10,000 Part-Time Grafton Township Post with Full Family Health Benefits Being Taken

Pam Fender makes her presentation to the Grafton Township Board of Trustees with her supporters sitting behind her.

Pam Fender makes her presentation to the Grafton Township Board of Trustees with her male supporters sitting behind her.

In contrast to the

“let’s give Pam Fender a $35,000 job without asking if anyone else might want it or be more qualified”

approach last Thursday night (lots of comments; no deadline as in the Northwest Herald) by the Grafton Township Board, public notice will be given through newspapers that the board is seeking applicants to replace just resigned Township Clerk Dina Frigo.

Those interested in the position, which provides the same full family health benefits worth about $15,000 per year that Fender, as “Township Administrator,” will receive on top of her $35,000 salary, should send a letter and resume to the

Deputy Grafton Township Clerk
10109 Vine Street
Huntley, IL 60142

It should be noted that Fender did not hand the trustees a resume.

There’s a March 1st deadline.

If you are interested, do it soonest.

The township clerk is a partisan position. Only those who are Republicans are eligible for appointment because Frigo won election running as a Republican.

The duties are light and the pay is good.

Take minutes, post notices, file forms. That’s about it and you’ll have a highly paid lawyer to help you.

The benefits are obviously outstanding…even outrageous.

Of course, the board could have already selected someone and be just playing charades with the public on this appointment.

On one web site, someone indicated that Fender herself wanted the position.

Appointing her could solve the problem of what office to give Fender.

Trustee Betty Zirk mentioned that Fender could be in the same office as Township Supervisor Linda Moore, apparently forgetting that Moore needs a private office to interview people seeking General Assistance.

If Fender were appointed township clerk as well as township administrator, the board could either up her gross pay to $45,000 or, considering she has already said she will do the job for $35,000, cut her pay for township administrator to $25,000. Giving her both jobs would also save $15,000 or so in health benefits, assuming that the person appointed clerk would want his or her family covered.


Applications for $10,000 Part-Time Grafton Township Post with Full Family Health Benefits Being Taken — 6 Comments

  1. If the Township is planning to give any very part-time employee full health insurance benefits, it had better check with its insurance carrier first (unless it is self-insured). Many insurance companies do not insure part-time employees under group policies.

    Do all part-time (or full-time) employees of the Township get health insurance on the same terms? Is the Township exposing itself to a discrimination claim for providing full health insurance benefits for a chosen few?

  2. Did Cal blog about this full-time plus benefits issue when friend Linda Moore fired the part-time office staff, then hired her friend Trudy Jurs as a full-time emoloyee with benefits? The part-timers did not get benefits.

  3. Kay-you are confused. Rossi fired his friends before he left office ensuring them unemployment benefits and cobra. Trudy Jurs was the assistant for many years before Rossi took office.

  4. HUH – Rossi DID NOT fire the part-time office staff when he left office. Linda Moore DID fired the part-timers! Get your facts straight! Trudy Jurs worked for Millie Ruth then quit when John Rossi was elected and never worked for Rossi. Moore got elected and hired Trudy Jurs to replace the part-time office staff that she fired. Moore provides Trudy Jurs a full-time position, full-time pay AND BENEFITS.

  5. Kay-you are still confused.
    The part-time staff positions were eliminated, Trudy Jurs replaced Sharon Grossman after Rossi fired her his last day in office. The part time staff was paid to work in the food pantry that Rossi moved out after losing.

  6. Kay you are talking about a non elected employee…Be VERY careful what you say.

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