Carolyn Schofield Gets Watershed Ordinance Recognition Resolution on City Council Agenda

Carolyn Schofield

At election night’s Crystal Lake City Council meeting, City Councilwoman Carolyn Schofield, elected last year, took the lead in getting a resolution on the agenda at tomorrow night’s meeting asking for recognition of the city’s Watershed Ordinance by county government.

You may remember that both Ellen Brady Mueller and Donna Kurtz made something of that issue during their campaigns for a District 2 slot on the fall county board ballot.

From a resident of the watershed’s perspective, it is so, so difficult to understand that the McHenry County Board has thus far not figured out how important protection of our lake’s watershed is to local residents.

You would think they might have figured that out when a citizen uprising killed the minor league baseball stadium at McHenry County College.

After all, half (that’s right, half) of the entire county board represents parts of Crystal Lake. With all residents of the Crystal Lake Park District having access to the lake, how can one explain why the board has not taken action already.

Ellen Brady Mueller

Donna Kurtz

My prediction is the resolution will pass without dissent Tuesday.

If that doesn’t convince the county board to follow the not-as-strict-as-it-could-be watershed protection ordinance, the next step, it would seem to me would be to invite those twelve county board members to a meeting of the city council.

Who are they?

District 2

  • McHenry County Board Chairman Ken Koehler (R)
  • McHenry County Board Vice Chairman Jim Heisler (R)
  • Lyn Orphal (Lost the primary to Donna Kurtz) Both R’s.
  • Former Lakewood Village President and Crystal Lake Park Board President Scott Breeden (R)

Crystal Lake Avenue is the dividing line between District 2 and District 3.

District 3

  • Barbara Wheeler (R)
  • Kathy Bergan Schmidt (D)
  • Ed Dvorak (retiring) (R)
  • Mary Donner (R)

District 5

  • Tina Hill (R)
  • Virginia Peschke (R)
  • Jim Kennedy (D)
  • Paula Yensen (D)

District 5 comes into the Crystal Lake area from the Northwest (Ridgefield) and the Southeast.

So, what’s the resolution ask for?

“That the Mayor and City Council request the Regional Planning Commission include the Crystal Lake watershed and its regulations in the list of watersheds that exist within McHenry County in the 2030 Comprehensive Plan document.”

The resolution points out that the lake’s watershed is 6.39 square miles of which 3.69 square miles are within the City of Crystal Lake.


Carolyn Schofield Gets Watershed Ordinance Recognition Resolution on City Council Agenda — 6 Comments

  1. Cal, what’s going on back home there! Goodness Gracious, these politicians are getting more beautiful everyday! Between Carolyn Schofield and Erin Smith……….No wonder guys that look like you and I can’t win an election anymore. I’d vote for either of these ladies in lieu of voting for myself if I were on the ballot with them! These “beauty queens” talking about “Watersheds” almost makes me drop my Pina Colatta here in Mexico! Provecho Amigos!

  2. Carolyn will do great things for Crystal Lake. Bringing attention to this issue is only the beginning. She is an amazing woman with the education and discipline to handle any task on any level. Crystal Lake is very lucky to have her on their team.

  3. Thank you Carolyn for your leadership and foresight in establishing this resolution!! This sets some important parameters to the community that will help greatly in protecting our watershed and our community.

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