Crystal Lake Has More Men Looking for Grade School Kids – License Plate of Older Black Car has 646 on It

Last week, parents and personnel at West Grade School in Crystal Lake had a scare when a guy tried to talk a nine-year old girl into getting into his car.

Yesterday after school, a similar event occurred.

At 11:24 this District 47 parent got another call from Lori Parrish, the school district’s Director of Communications.

The “important message,” also translated into Spanish, follows:

“On Tuesday, February 16th, 2010, at approximately 3:50 a student of Coventry Elementary School was approached in the area of Birkshire Drive near Coventry Lane, Crystal Lake, by two unidentified male subjects driving what was described as a black 2-door older model vehicle with a boxy back and a partial license plate of 646.

“The subjects within the vehicle attempted to engage the child in a conversation; however, the child ran away, notified a parent and was not pursued by the suspicious vehicle.

“Children are reminded not to approach individuals they do not know and report suspicious activity to their parents, school faculty and/or police.

“This matter remains under investigation by the Crystal Lake Police Department.

“Thank you.”

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Crystal Lake Has More Men Looking for Grade School Kids – License Plate of Older Black Car has 646 on It — 1 Comment

  1. This is the third incident; the first one took place on the 5th at Husmann Elementary.

    The school sent home a flyer on Monday the 8th (I’ve been unable to locate it, so I’m guessing it hit the recycle bin) about an incident where someone called the school to arrange to pick up their 1st grader instead of having him/her get on the bus. When the person pulled up the child seemed uncomfortable and one of the teachers took notice and the man in the car said he had to go and took off.

    The parents were called and they had not arranged the pickup, or planned to pickup their child.

    The school changed it’s after school pickup policy, however I haven’t seen any details about this in the NW Herald.

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