Manzullo Attacks Stimulus Failure

Today must be “GOP Congressional Criticism of President Barack Obama’s stimulus program.” (Note Congressman Peter Roskam’s press release on the same subject here.)

Manzullo: Three Million More Americans Out of
Work on 1st Anniversary of Failed Stimulus Bill

WASHINGTON – Congressman Don Manzullo (R-Egan) today said the $862 billion stimulus bill he opposed a year ago has failed miserably in its primary objective – to create jobs for Americans. Instead, Congress and the President should focus on helping the private sector put Americans back to work.

When the stimulus bill was enacted one year ago today, the Administration claimed it would create 3.5 to 4 million jobs.

In reality, another 3 million Americans lost their jobs since then.

In addition, America’s unemployment rate rose from 7.6 to 9.7 percent since that time.

The big problem is that less than 5 percent of the bill was for job-creating infrastructure spending.

The vast majority was spent on expanding and creating new social programs that are not heavy private sector job creators.

And because of the record spending, the budget deficit has surged past $1.4 trillion and our national debt is beyond $12 trillion.

In fact, the fastest growing part of the President’s just-released budget is interest on the national debt, which is estimated to be more than $800 billion annually by 2020.

Instead of continuing the out-of-control government spending that doesn’t create jobs, Manzullo has offered a plan to help the private sector expand and put Americans back to work. If more Americans work in the private sector, they would pay the taxes necessary to sustain public sector jobs.

Manzullo’s American Jobs Agenda focuses on helping employers cut costs, become more competitive, and create jobs through tax incentives, lower health care and energy costs, leveling the international playing field, and helping employers export more overseas and sell more to the government.

“From the beginning, we knew the $862 billion stimulus would fail its primary purpose to put Americans back to work because so little of it was focused on private sector job-creation. In fact, we have lost 3 million more jobs since it was enacted a year ago,” Manzullo said.

“Government can’t create self-sustaining jobs. We need to focus on helping the private sector become more competitive so they can expand and put Americans back to work. One answer is my American Jobs Agenda, which gives our employers tax incentives, cuts health care and energy costs, levels the international playing field, and helps our employers export more and sell more to the government.”

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