Lakewood SportsPlex Proposal Getting Curiouser and Curiouser

Alice in Wonderland

Read this article on The First Electric Newspaper about the unsavory background of one of the McHenry County SportsPlex’ consultants.

The publication reports SportsPlex supporters introduced “Terry Gaouette, Vice President of Administration and Business Consulting Services for H&K Sports Fields, Egg Harbor, WI, as a consultant.”

Further, that he was “Chief Financial Officer of the Milwaukee Public Museum and indicted on four felony counts in 2007 for draining money from the museum’s endowment funds to cover its declining operations and hiding it.”

The museum had to be bailed out by county government to keep it from going under.

Marc Munaretto

Also of interest was McHenry County Board Finance and Audit Committee Chairman Marc Munaretto:

“I understood him to represent himself as the consultant for (McHenry County Sportsplex’s) business plan. I thought he was a paid consultant that helped develop the application.”

Munaretto told reporter Pete Gonigam it wasn’t his committee’s job to “drill down that far.”

The committee has also not “drilled down” far enough to even reveal to fellow county board members and the public who owns how much of the project.

Read the whole story.

It’s getting curiouser and curiouser.

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