Tax Hike Pimps Boldness Growing

I didn't have a picture of a black hole in space, so this dark funnel my son spotted one morning in a Springfield hotel's hot tub will have to do for an illustration.

Naturally the black hole that wishes to eat a couple thousand dollars of my income originates in Chicago.

Consider he Chicago Sun-Times today.

Look at the cover.  Abraham Lincoln is crying because taxes aren’t higher.

He isn’t crying because people are unemployed.  He’s crying because governments, state and local, haven’t picked enough money out of our pockets.

I figure when the tax rate is hiked by two-thirds from 3% to 5%, the suggestion from years past of Pied Piper Ralph Matire and, more recently, Chicago’s Civic Federation, it will cost me 750 crying Lincoln $5 bills more than the year before.

That’s when my state pension, for which I repeatedly thank taxpayers, drops by 5%.

It won’t just be me, though.

Everyone with retirement income will see a cut in tax home pay, so to speak, of 5%.

I wonder how many people in Sun City will welcome that day, probably sometime during this July.

Wage earners would see their pay checks get cut by “only” 2%.

Don’t worry.

Government won’t waste any of your lost income.

Surely, Crystal Lake Mayor Aaron Shepley and the five city council members who voted with him to hike Crystal Lake’s city sales tax 75% haven’t wasted any, have they?


Tax Hike Pimps Boldness Growing — 6 Comments

  1. What are you talking about? Seriously, what is this post about? Crying Lincolns? Your pensions?

    Can anyone figure out what he’s talking about in this one?

  2. Those who don’t have a problem with a 67% tax hike (a from 3-5 percentage point hike in the state income tax hike) or seeing one’s income tax rate go from zero percentage points to five percentage points, as would occur with taxes on retiree income, are welcome to voluntarily send that much to our state treasurer.

    Or, maybe it’s time to compare a $5 bill to the picture on Lincoln with a tear in his eye on the front page of today’s Chicago Sun-Times, reproduced above.

  3. I suspect that before all is said and done, we’ll be wishing the tax hike was ONLY 3%. The sooner public payroll pensions are cut, the better. Once that throat is cut, then we can get back to governing instead of the vacuum that’s currently attached to my wallet. I suspect in the coming days, the state will kick the power of that vacuum cleaner into “overdrive”.

  4. So this is all about a theoretical tax hike that might happen down the road sometime? Really?

  5. I don’t read either paper, but I get all of the info I need from Cal’s blog. Common sense and clear thinking is his forte’. It’s time for us common folk to open our eyes and ears to what is really going on.

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