MCC Tuition Going Up $2 per Credit Hour, in Proportion to CPI Increase

The board packet of McHenry County College is posted on its web site, just as I wish every government’s were. (Special hint to the Crystal Lake City Council.)

In it is a recommendation that tuition be hiked $2 a credit hour.

Kathleen Plinski

“At present, other major revenue sources are constrained due to the continued effect of the tax cap, the uncertainty of the level of state funding, and current economic conditions,” writes Interim President Kathleen Plinske.

She notes the Consumer Price Index increased 2.5% last year and that

“A $2.00 increase from $80 to $82 is a 2.5% increase.”

An extra $264,000 would be generated from the fee increase.

The technology fee would remain at $9 per hour.

“Statewide,” she notes, “the range of tuition and fee rates for FY 2009 is a low of $67.00 to a high of $131.00 per credit hour, with the average rate being $88.95.”

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