Nunda Electors Seeks Nunda Township Advisory Referendum on Repeal of Open Space Plan

Open Space repeal logo.

There could be some local action on open space at the Nunda Township Annual Meeting.

Township tax fighters Gerry Walsh, Republican Committeeman Bob Borchert, Doug Mann, and former Republican County Board candidate Craig Steagall have filed the following petition seeking to have the township electors ask the Nunda Township Board put a question on the ballot about whether voters want to repeal the 2007 passed Open Space Plan or not:

We, the undersigned, qualified electors and registered voters of Nunda Township in the County of McHenry, State of Illinois, do hereby petition the Nunda Township Clerk to include an advisory question of public policy to be placed on the agenda item at the 2010 Township Meeting per Section 30-205 of the Illinois Compiled Statutes 60 ILCS 1/ Township Code.  The advisory question pertains to repeal of the Nunda Township Open Space Plan that was adopted by the township voters in April of 2007.  This question shall request that the Nunda Township Board shall certify the question of repeal of this Plan to the proper election authorities, who shall submit the question in accordance with the general election law.

Whether the township board will put the advisory referendum on the ballot remains to be seen.

In other news, Walsh has individually filed complaints against the political action committees of Nunda Neighbors for Open Space, whose treasurer is Democratic Party District 3 County Board candidate Lori McConville, and Nunda Township Republicans, whose treasurer is Nunda Township Trustee Jim Schlader.

In foreground, you see Nunda Township Picnic attendees Joe Wheeler and now-GOP gubernatorial candidate State Senator Bill Brady.

He alleges the Open Space PAC filed late for the second time in six months and the Republicans have listed the township office address, 3510 Bay Road, Crystal Lake, 60012, as the source of a $735.68 donation for the Nunda Township GOP picnic and did not name the donor of the contribution, as required by state campaign finance laws.  The name of the donor was listed as “Picnic Contributions”.  Oddly, other Republican party donors were properly listed by name and address.

In reaction to that complaint, the Nunda Township GOP PAC filed an amendment with the State Board to move that donation from “Itemized” to “Non-Itemized.”

Hearings on both complaints before the Illinois State Board of Elections are scheduled for March 10th in Chicago.

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