Police Solicitor Says Call Being “Recorded”

Just got one of those phone solicitation calls, this time from “Brian.”

“Hi, Mr. Skinner. I’m from the Police Protective Fund. The reason for the recorded call is…”

(I think I got the name of the organization correct. If not, I apologize. This article is about the technique, not the organization.)

That was enough. Sounded like an attempt to put fear into those being called.

When I told him I was not interested, Brian seemed surprised.

I am not surprised.

With the level of intimidation of having someone connected (however loosely) with “the police” say how you answer whether you are willing to give money to “the police,” I imagine a great many people don’t hang up before making a contribution.

After all, the “police” would know whether I contributed or not.

Sorry, whatever the Police Protective Fund is, but Compassion International’s efforts in Haiti are more important. I know about 90% of my money will go for goods and services there.


Police Solicitor Says Call Being “Recorded” — 2 Comments

  1. Anyone receiving a solicitation for funds from a police organization should listen extremely carefully to the name of the organization. Ask the caller to repeat it. Write it down.

    They might use “recorded” to cause you to think that it is the police that is calling. Wrong! Tell them that is it unlawful to record the call and tell them to turn off any recording. They are lyng, anyway, so there will be nothing to turn off.

    Better yet, just hang up! Then call the sheriff’s department and tell them to tell the solicitors to stop calling. The call could be coming from fundraisers for the PB&PA (Police Benevolence & Protective Assn. of McHenry County), the Lodge of a group of deputies (but not all of them). The PB&PA operates out of the sheriff’s department, using telephones, computers, fax machines, desks and employee time.

    Why? Because Sheriff Nygren allows it.

  2. Hmm, dont call your Sheriff’s Dept. Despite what people think the term “Public Servant” isnt literal. Do your research on Police Protective Fund. They make millions off morons like you. Even the Haiti funds scam people. Police Protective Fund made over $6 million in 2007 and donated approximately $40,000 of that to a family of a fallen officer. The rest is “Advertising and Fundraising expenses”. Check out other charities that feed off people with more money then brains.


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