The Office of Township Supervisor

Linda Moore

Pam Fender

The Grafton Township Board is holding another special meeting Tuesday night at 7:30.

It will be held at the Huntley Park District building.

No public comment allowed this time before

  • an amended budget is adopted,
  • a budget workshop for next year is held and
  • “potential action related to board action at February 22 special meeting related to township office space, duties and supplies.”

Will Township Supervisor Linda Moore be kicked out of the office where she does state law-mandated confidential interview with those seeking township welfare?

Some might think that being elected to public office might mean one would actually have an office. Only time will tell if the private office assigned to previous township supervisors will be reassigned to newly-appointed Township Administrator Pam Fender.

The new township hall old Supervisor John Rossi and his township board wanted to build without voter approval. Including interest, it would have cost taxpayers over $5 million.

Of course, there would have been plenty of room, had the township board gotten its way and a new township hall was being built on Haligus Road.


The Office of Township Supervisor — 1 Comment

  1. Thank you Grafton Trustees for finding a way to drive around this obstruction named Linda Moore. Moore should be run out of town(ship). I can’t wait for the Sate’s Attorney to remove Moore from office. Give Moore what she wants – a stay in a locked room.

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