Jack Franks Talks Conservative

In his latest press release, State Rep. Jack Franks (D-Marengo) called on colleagues to withdraw all bills that would add to state spending.

State Senator Pam Althoff disagrees with St. Rep. Jack Franks that this is not the time to be introducing bills to increase spending. She introduced House Bill 3583 to provide low interest loans to waterfront property owners to move from sea walls to riprapping or bioengineered shorelines. "There's not necessaily a better time to introduce a new program," she told the North West Herald in a front page story today,

Presumably that would include the Senate Bill 3583, the bill that his McHenry Expo mate and State Senator Pam Althoff introduced that would provide low interest loans to riverfront property owners wanting to repair the sea walls.

Here is the Franks press release:

Springfield, IL – State Representative Jack D. Franks (D-Woodstock) Wednesday released the following statement:

“Illinois continues to face the worst financial crisis in the state’s history. Our budget deficit has reached an unfathomable $13 billion. Yet, we have scarcely uttered the word ‘budget’ since returning to Springfield this year. In effect, we are failing those who elected us. It is time to put an end to the partisan games and stop hesitating at the thought of November’s general election. It is time we demonstrate some leadership from the trenches of state government.

Jack Franks

“I call on each member of the General Assembly to start by withdrawing any bill they have introduced this session that will add to the state’s expenses going forward. This action will not just save the state future monies, it will demonstrate a real willingness to focus on the most basic problem in our state…our fiscal crisis.

“From now until we adjourn in May, or sooner depending on our progress, I propose we focus solely on how to fix the budget.

“Rather than continue delaying this inevitable battle, we should save taxpayers the added expense and frustration of an overtime session and start working on it now. We need fundamental change to business as usual in Springfield and the only way for change to occur is to actively work toward it.

“Tough budget talks were delayed in the recent past because of the February primary.

“Elected members remain afraid to take a difficult stand on the budget because of November’s general election. The people of Illinois want action – brave, precedent-shattering results for the good of our state. Leadership demands this action and the criticism that may come will be nothing like the criticism we will receive by inaction.

“Governor Pat Quinn has returned to his campaign for an income tax increase to help close the budget deficit.

“To that I say, ‘Governor, why not first try a more novel idea than placing the burden on those you have been elected to serve.

“When we produce the FY2011 budget, require it to be zero-based. Force your offices and agencies to justify every line item expense. Allow the budget to be examined with a fine-tooth comb. Exhaust every other potential option to help solve this financial crisis. Only then we can discuss boosting revenue.’”

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When I first noticed the Althoff bill, I figured it was something she would point to as having brought back to McHenry County, should she decide to vote for an income tax increase.

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