Federal Stimulus Money Helps Bring LED Traffic Lights on Route 14

Obama Federal Stimulus Public Works Sign on Route 14 next to The Freeze.

Remember the stories about the traffic lights that froze over?

They had LED bulbs. The Light Emitting Diodes did not generate enough heat to melt freezing rain.

But they save a lot of electricity. About 90%.

And, the ones being installed on Route 14 from Devonshire to Dole Avenue will have battery back-up, so stop sign like movement won’t be necessary during times when power is lost.

Locators on McHenry Avenue at Route 14 searching for underground pipes and wires.

And, there’re almost “free.”

Well, not exactly free. Our children and grandchildren will be paying for them because some of the money is coming from American Recovery and Reinvestment money—the Federal stimulus money that has made this the most deficit-ridden year in American history.

But the City did receive $262,000 in ARRA funds to upgrade the three traffic signals. The total cost is estimated to be $432,000, according to City Engineer Victor Ramirez. The non-Federal money will come from Motor Fuel Taxes.

He further explains that there will be “new pedestrian crossing heads, and audible ped heads at Keith/Devonshire.”

Flags and paint appear within 150 feet of the intersections of Route 14 and Dole Avenue, McHenry Avenue and Devonshire Lane.

Want more details?

Here’s how the City of Crystal Lake explains it:

The City is starting construction on traffic signal improvements at three intersections:

  • US 14 (Virginia Street) at Dole Avenue
  • US 14 (Virginia Street) at McHenry Avenue
  • US 14 (Virginia Street) at Devonshire Lane/Keith Avenue

The improvement includes upgrading the intersections to LED signals, the installation of a battery backup system, new signal poles and mast arms, countdown pedestrian signals, and the installation of an audible pedestrian signal at US 14 (Virginia Street) and Devonshire Lane/Keith Avenue.

The installation of the temporary traffic signals will begin in March, and last approximately one month. The permanent traffic signals are scheduled to installed beginning mid-May of this year with completion expected by the end of the summer.

This is the first project of the larger Virginia Street Corridor TIF improvements. The City received American Recovery and Reinvestment funds to help fund this traffic signal improvement.


Federal Stimulus Money Helps Bring LED Traffic Lights on Route 14 — 2 Comments

  1. How much money was wasted on those signs that say the project is funded by?
    What do they care it is only the tax payers money not theirs.

  2. Oh, good. Now, when there is a blizzard that blows freezing snow over the low-/no-heat LED lights and drivers can’t see red or green lights, the Crystal Lake P.D. will be extra busy.

    Didn’t IDOT engineers read about the problems with these LED lights before they ordered them?

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