Downsizing the Grafton Township Supervisor’s Office – Part 3

“Do you think the trustees have management (power) day-to-day?” Supervisor Linda Moore asked Ancel Glick partner Keri-Lyn Krafterfer.

Township Attorney Keri-Lyn Krafterfer on the left, Township Administrator Pam Fender on the right.

She replied in the affirmative to which Moore asked her to

“Please put that in writing.”

On the offensive again, Moore asked newly-appointed Township Administrator Pam Fender,

“Do you intend to force your way into my office again?”

Discussion then went to the trustees desire to have internet “live access” to the Quick Books accounting program for themselves and Fender.

“A kid in high school can handle Quick Books,” Trustee Rob LaPorta observed. He added that he would exclude records about public assistance.

Then, back to the newly-designated Township Supervisor’s office again.

Gerry McMahon

“You want me to served General Assistance clients in a room without windows?”

“It has a window,” Gerry McMahon said, but was corrected.

“As long was we’re in the majority, we’re in control,”

said McMahon.

“Do you see any errors we’re making here,” LaPorta asked the attorney.

“No,” was the reply.

Rob LaPorta

Linda Moore

“She’s going to hired another attorney to block this thing,” LaPorta said.

“You’re directing an employee to give orders to an elected officials,” Moore said as the township trustees delegated the switching of offices to Fender.

“Motion for Pam to quarterback the move,” LaPorta said.

“Coordinate moving the offices,” McMahon suggested.

“Pam will direct and manage,” LaPorta offered.

That’s when we learned that he was in television at one time. He starting talking about reading the “script.”

“Take 2.

“…for the Grafton Township Administrator to coordinate the three office move that the Grafton Township Board voted upon tonight until completion.”

‘If you’re talking about Pam doing the directing…”

The motion passed, as others previously 4-1.

Then it was budget time.

Proposed Grafton Township Hall

“I messed up last week,” Trustee Betty Zirk admitted.

“All of the trustees did,” LaPorta agreed.

Then they started talking about the $3.5 million budgeted for the new township hall and how they had incorrectly added in about $600,000 that is sitting in the bank from the sale of the township hall to the township road district.

That’s when I took a break in the hall that lasted until the meeting was adjourned mercifully close to 9 o’clock.

= = = = =

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Downsizing the Grafton Township Supervisor’s Office – Part 3 — 5 Comments

  1. Here is breaking news Cal – Linda once again screwed with the dependent seniors of Grafton this week by messing with the township phone system so they could not get rides through the township bus service. Way to go Linda! What can we expect from you next – kicking dogs? Cal – You should question your ability in picking who you support.

  2. I heard that Fender took her telephones and took her computers. Fender’s actions are hurting the seniors.

  3. That’s funny hey kay, because the information I have been told said that Linda Moore walked out of the office and forwarded those poor seniors calls to a cell phone which was left in the office without notifying ANYONE. It seems to me that she is playing games with seniors which is not right in any way, shape or form.

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