Oh, Joy

My first throught when I saw this Saturday’s Chicago Tribune headline about trying 9/11 terrorist mastermind in Thomson, Illinois, was

In Your Guts You Know They’re Nuts!

but I thought the understated “Oh, Joy” might be appropriate.

Bryon Nuclear Power Plants

Obviously, the “key presidential advisers” don’t live downwind from a nuclear power plant.

Which way do the winds blow?

But, they probably have friends in the currently planned trial site, New York City.


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  1. So which “statesmen” in the US Senate are backing this atrocious idea – besides “our own” Dick Durbin (who never saw a stupid idea he didn’t immediately embrace!)? The two most inexplicable GOP Senators this side of Maine: Lindsey Graham and the man who couldn’t get elected President, John McCain. Thanks a bunch, chumps.

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