Census Crying Wolf

The envelop that arrived March 8, 2010

I sat down this afternoon all ready to fill out the U.S. Census form.

Looking at the envelope, that’s what I thought was within.

Pulling out its contents, however, showed it was a letter dated the very day it arrived, March 8th!


March 8, 2010, letter from the Director of the U.S. Census, Robert M. Groves

What an efficient post office.

It was from some guy named Robert M. Groves. Wonder of wonder, he’s Director of the U.S. Census.

So, why sent everyone a letter a week before the census questionnaire is coming?

Beats me.

And, what are those other languages below the instructions in English?


Census Crying Wolf — 3 Comments

  1. Duhhh, Spanish? Chinese (where are the Woodstock School District students to translate?) Japanese? Korean? Vietnamese? The fifth one is Russian. Our tax dollars at work; right? Do you think a letter was sent to every household in the U.S.A.?

    They could have used postcards. Could have saved money on paper, envelope, printing, folding, stuffing, postage. Oh, but what about confidentiality?

    Probably, “Resident” would have filed a class-action lawsuit against poor, ol’ Robert Groves.

  2. First is Spanish
    Second is Chinese or Japanese
    Third is Korean
    Fourth is Vietnamese
    Fifth is Russian

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