Gus Philpott’s Excellent Question

In an article on his Woodstock Advocate entitled,

When did Trustees decide to sue Supervisor?

Philpott’s opening paragraphs are just intriguing:

In an update to this morning’s article about the Grafton Township’s Trustees’ filing a lawsuit against Township Supervisor Linda Moore, this morning I telephoned the Grafton Township Supervisor at her telephone number as published on the Township’s website.

Township Administrator Pam Fender answered the telephone number listed under the Supervisor’s name and told me that she did not know when the Trustees had decided on the lawsuit. Now, how does the Administrator not know the answer to what I would consider a fairly simple and direct question?

Grafton Township Trustees, from left to right, Gerry McMahon, Betty Zirk, Rob LaPorta and Barb Murphy, meeting in open session last Thursday night.

I stayed until the end of the meeting and discussion of the Separation of Powers suit filed by Supervisor Linda Moore by Ancel Glink partner Rob Bush was not even behind closed doors.

There certainly was no motion to sue anyone while the township trustees were in session, let alone the passage of a motion.

So, all you legal eagles reading this, let me know whether you think the decision to file the suit was a violation of the Open Meetings Act.

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Incidentally, I called Township Administrator Pam Fender this morning asking for a copy of the suit, but have not received it as of 5 PM. She said she didn’t have one, but would contact Township Attorney Keri-Lyn Krafthefer.  If it ever comes, it will be interesting to see what the township is billed for sending it.


Gus Philpott’s Excellent Question — 3 Comments

  1. I wonder what the law states about over throwing a vote d elected official Cal isn’t there anything on the books about that. I thought it was against the law for a board to over throw the voting public. Would you call that a Cue.

  2. This is why we need to get rid of Township government just like Lakemoor and my own Burton. You should see my street the Highway Commissioner is still made that I ran against him so he patched potholes at the end of the street but I had to buy material and do the ones in front of my house. I think they only work when they want to.

  3. Jeff it is exactly that ..a coup…..common in 3rd world environs so I guess perhaps we should have expected this?

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