Rally at Melissa Bean’s Schaumburg Office

The whole text of the sign can't be read, but it's easy to get the "OUCH!" message.

Collin Corbett, a friend of McHenry County Blog, sent some photos of the Schaumburg demonstration today.

A woman is being interviewed by Fran Eaton of Illinois Review.

He said that over 300 participated, not counting those who honked in support as they drove by.

There certainly appears to be a large crowd. Since proponents were separated from opponents, those seen in this picture seem to be in opposition. Several signs read, "HANDS OFF MY HEALTH CARE!"

Health care was the issue of the day.

Americans for Prosperity had participants in the rally.

Channel 7 said the proponents outnumbered the opponents by 2-1.  That was before the conservatives showed up at noon.  After that, “We dwarfed their numbers,” Corbett said.

Is that McHenry's Joyce Story? It is. She was joined by a number of citizens from McHenry County.

If you were there, do you agree that Corbett accurately reads the relative size of the proponents and opponents to President Barack Obama’s health care reform proposal?

And, what would a TEA Party be without someone dressed up as a Minuteman?

Anyone who attended like to venture an opinion whether the opponents to Obamacare outnumber those in favor?


Rally at Melissa Bean’s Schaumburg Office — 6 Comments

  1. I was there. These photos are completely biased, as might be expected from Collin Corbett, who managed the last failed campaign against Melissa Bean. Supporters of health care reform outnumbered opponents 2-1, as reported in the Daily Herald.

  2. Nanner my question to you is, what guilt do you have, that will not allow us to be free from government control? If you want freedom of choice, make it across the board. Do I have freedom to carry a gun, or do you want government to make all the decesions?

  3. It’s nice to have freedom here…freedom to go bankrupt even if you work hard and pay for insurance.

  4. Pamela, if everyone can concealed carry, then we’re really going to need more health care because everyone is going to be in the hospital full of bullets!

    Seriously, though, freedom from government would also mean no regulation on abortion or marriage. Are you ready to go there?

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