Tea Party Express Set for Rockford April 6th

Photo from a Rockford Tea Party rally.

The following press release has been received:

Announcing Tea Party Express on April 6th in Rockford, Illinois

(Rockford, Illinois) – March 17, 2010 – Join us for the biggest Tea Party Express national tour to date for one of only two stops in Illinois.

On April 6th at 1 pm in Rockford, Ill (home state to President Barack Obama and Senator Dick Durbin and of course Lincoln and Reagan) the Tea Party Express will stop in Rockford on the Tea Party Express Tour taking the Tea Party message across the nation all the way to the White House in Washington, D.C. on April 15th:

“You, the politicians in Washington, have failed We The People with your bailouts, out-of-control deficit spending, government takeovers of sectors of the economy, Cap & Trade, government-run health care, and higher taxes!

“If you thought we were just going to quietly go away, or that this tea party movement would be just a passing fad, you were mistaken. We’re taking our country back!”

Find the Tollway at Route 20 south of Marengo or Kishwaukee Valley Road going west from Woodstock and you are on your way to Davis Park in Rockford. (Get a more detailed map across Boone and Winnebago Counties, if you take the Kishwaukee Valley Road route. You want to end up on Rockford's Spring Creek Road at the top of this map. There are lots of tricky turns.)

This family-friendly rally encourages all citizens who want lower taxes and less government to participate by bringing their American flags, patriotic attire, and signs to display the spirit of the Colonial Patriots of the 1775 Boston Tea Party, which lead to American Independence July 4th, 1776.

Here's a street map closer to Davis Park.

Re-affirm your commitment to our Constitution and our freedoms by being part of this energizing event on Tuesday, April 6th, 1:00pm, at Davis Park 329 S. Wyman Street in Rockford.

Guest Speakers include:

Joe Walsh at John O'Neill's corn beef and cabbage fund raiser.

  • Adam Andrzejewski, Former IL Gubernatorial Candidate;
  • Denise Cattoni, Coordinator Illinois Tea Party Patriots;
  • Joe Walsh, 8th Congressional District Candidate, IL;
  • Jim Tobin, President, National Taxpayers United of Illinois;
  • Zach Oltmans, President Illinois Conservatives;
  • John Bambenek, The “Put Back Amendment” Author;
  • Rosanna Pulido, former 5th Congressional District Candidate, IL;
  • Lex Green, Libertarian Party Gubernatorial Candidate; and
  • William Kelly, Former Candidate for Comptroller.
  • RockfordTeaParty will also have a food drive to replenish the Rockford Food Pantry Coalition from 1 pm until the Tea Party Express Buses leave at 4:30.

    For more information visit our website.



    Tea Party Express Set for Rockford April 6th — 10 Comments

    1. I’m sorry, I know many won’t agree with this but it bothers me to no end when people put their children on the protest line. They do not have the choice or knowledge to choose their political affiliation (especially those in strollers or who are in grade school). They can’t voice what they agree or disagree with so it is unfair to use them as pawns for your own political agenda. I would never, ever take my daughter to a demonstration or rally that supports my beliefs! She may grow up to believe the opposite of me and I will respect her for that. What she decides to believe is HER choice, not mine!

      Okay, now everyone go ahead and tell me how stupid my comment is.

    2. Your comment is not stupid . . . but there are mother’s and father’s out there that bring their children with them rather than daycare . . . government run. So I applaud the parents who use their valuable time to make a statement.

    3. Government Run Daycare? Could you please tell me more about government run-daycare in McHenry County? I see lots of church-run daycare, private daycare, Montessori daycare and some non-profit day care. I’m not familiar with any government-run daycare.

    4. “You, the politicians in Washington, have failed We The People with your bailouts, out-of-control deficit spending, government takeovers of sectors of the economy, Cap & Trade, government-run health care, and higher taxes!”

      Funny how these Tea Party folks weren’t yelling when President Bush took our surplus and turned it into such a large deficit, in part because he wanted income redistribution to the wealthy in the form of large tax cuts to the rich while giving less cuts to the middle class. Oh yes, don’t forget the whole ‘Iraq has WMDs!” argument that cost not only billions of dollars but many lives as well.

      As for “government-run health care”, the new bill does not contain this, so they must be speaking about Medicare – didn’t know the Tea Party people were going to work so tirelessly on taking away health coverage for senior citizens…

    5. I can only assume that when you tea partiers see people like the 11-year-old boy who Obama had with him today, whose mother lost her job…then her health coverage…and then her life, simply because she could no longer affor health care you say, TOO BAD, SO SAD, NOT MY PROBLEM. Shame on all of you!!!!!

    6. The focus of the tea party in my mind is not about trivial sub-issues raise about the age of kids at tea party event. The focus is to educate citizens about the constitutional limits placed on Government. My perspective is that we need to use the term “Citizen Dollars” instead of “Government” when used in statements like this: “The government will provide… TARP, Healthcare, Relief to foreign countries…etc”

    7. patricia maybe u should check your facts about the 11 year old boy standing next to the messiah when he signed the health bill. his mother was on disability with meddicare as her health care(govermant ran). just like anything else the govermant runs they will screw health care up. we need to take this country back and get the govermant out of our lifes and pockets and stop expecting them to bail us out of every little thing that goes wrong in our life. its time for this to become america again where people take care of thereselves and there own and not go crying to the govermant everytime life throws u a curveball.

    8. April 6 TEA Party Rockford was great…This was my first TEA event. Young and old attended, even a group of nuns. What a day in history, one I’ll remember for a long time. The most impressive sight was when three buses and other TEA Party Express vehicles pulled into the park. They were led by the McHenry Co. Sons of Liberty Riders. Congratulations, the silent majority has awoke..

      Hope Cal has some nice images to post on his site from the event.

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