Grafton Township Edifice Complex Alive and Well

Building whose purchase by Grafton Township could be authorized by a vote of those attending the Annual Town Meeting on April 13th at the Huntley High School.

At last Thursday night’s meeting of the Grafton Township Board, Township Administrator Pam Fender presented a real estate listing for the old R & R Metal Craft Building at 11012 N. Blakley Street in Huntley. (Near the library and village hall, for those of you not from Huntley.)

When I asked her later if anyone had encouraged her to look for potential office space, she told me it was her idea.

Last November 9th it was listed for $1.15 million.  Fender told me it could be re-modeled for township use for about a half a million dollars.

Grafton Township Hall on which a November referendum is scheduled.

So, something over $ 2 million, plus any interest on borrowed money.

And today, wrapping up the suit successfully filed to stop the $5 million (including interest) building of a new township hall on Haligus Road, the township’s attorney was very concerned that Judge Michael Caldwell include a line in the permanent injunction would allow the Township to pursue the issue of a new building at the forthcoming meeting of Township Electors on April 13.

The township trustees apparently are not willing to let the voters decide at the fall election whether they shall have new offices.

They want to allow only those who show up at the Annual Town Meeting to make the decision.

Grafton Township Trustees Gerry McMahon, Betty Zirk, Rob LaPorta and Barb Murphy at last Thursday's township meeting.

So, expect a vote to buy a building to serve as a new township hall a month from now at the Huntley High School Auditorium.  Whether it will be the Blakley Street building or another one remains to be seen.

A floor plan of the building can be found below:

Main floor layout of the empty building Township Administrator Pam Fender found.

Offices in the building's messanine.


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  1. These trustees do not care the least bit what the taxpayers want. They have proven this. Hire someone who is not needed , but will think their way for $35,000 plus benefits then get her an assistant. They will try anything to enable themselves to spend $5,000,000 no matter what it takes. Like the trustee from Sun City said. He is in this just to get the building built. They will not take a chance of letting the taxpayers vote on this. They may get turned down for their new play pen, then what? How sad that so few people can ruin a village!

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