8th District Watch – Walsh Keeps Heat on Bean

The following press releases were received from 8th District GOP Congressional candidate Joe Walsh:

Bean Puts Party Politics Ahead of Constitution, Constituents:
Votes to Sanction Shady “Deem-and-Pass”

Joe Walsh

Melissa Bean

(Lake Zurich, Ill)– Yesterday, Melissa Bean voted down a bi-partisan effort that would have forced members of the House to cast their vote for or against Obamacare in the light of day.

In so doing, Melissa Bean, who voted for an even more expansive government takeover of health care last year, has endorsed the so-called “deem-and-pass” sleight-of-hand House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appears intent on employing to get Obamacare passed on Sunday.

Twenty-eight Congressional Democrats joined every Congressional Republican in voting against allowing the use of this procedural gimmick.

Former U.S. Attorney Generals Ed Meese and William Barr had this to say about the “deem-and-pass,”

“The ‘deem and pass’ and similar options under consideration in the House of Representatives plainly violate at least the spirit of the Constitution’s bicameralism and presentment requirements.

“Those constitutional requirements were intended to ensure democratic transparency with a straightforward up-or-down vote in each House on all bills that become law.

“More importantly, these requirements were designed to ensure that the new national government actually followed ‘the consent of the governed,’ which the Declaration of Independence had declared before the world to be the only basis of legitimate government.”

In an age where both parties agree on the need for transparency and accountability from our government, Melissa Bean is still cutting backroom deals and obfuscating the process to put her party ahead of her district.

Melissa Bean is hiding from constituents because she cannot defend this unprecedented federal government power grab, nor can she explain the cynical political scheming she has promoted for the passage of legislation that will cost Illinois 169,000 jobs, raise taxes on small businesses, drive talented providers from the medical profession, and worsen the quality of care for Americans, the overwhelming majority of whom are content with their care. IPI Study

Whether she will listen or not, Melissa Bean needs to hear from you.

Call her office in Washington at:  202-225-3711 or email her at: Bean Email and tell her to vote her district not her party.  Her Washington Fax number is 202-225-7830.

Joe Walsh is the Republican candidate running against Democrat incumbent Melissa Bean in 2010 for the Illinois 8th Congressional District. Born and raised in North Barrington, a policy advocate, teacher, and business entrepreneur, Joe has spent his adult life advancing limited-government and conservative principles. For more information on Joe Walsh and his campaign visit www.joewalshforcongress.com.

In other news, Walsh says he intents to attend the demonstration outside Bean’s Schaumburg office.

His press release says,

“All week the Joe Walsh campaign has been calling for Melissa Bean to represent the interests of her district and vote NO on the President’s health care bill.

Demonstration earlier this week near Woodfield Mall.

“Like many citizens in the 8th, Joe is angry and frustrated with Congress for trying to ram through the federal takeover of health care this Sunday.  He will be representing his beliefs in-person at the rally from 12:30 pm to 1 pm.  Come out and talk with Joe and make your voices heard!!!”

The map below shows the location of Bean’s office:

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