Randy Hultgren Calls Out Bill Foster for “Multiple Generation Theft”

On the Five O'Clock News on Channel 7 came the announcement that 14th District Congressman Bill Foster would vote for President Barack Obama's Health Care bill. Foster had been the subject of Randall Road TEA Party demonstrations. Newly-elected Chicago Congressman Mike Quigley jumped on board as well. Of significance is that he was a holdout based on wanting abortion rights to be protected in the bill. Quigley's decision came after Obama announced he would sign an Executive Order that prohibite money in his Health Care proposal to be spent on abortions. (Read between the disappearing lines of said Executive Order.)

Sent last night after the health care vote in the U.S. House, State Senator Randy Hultgren, the Republican challenger to 14th District Democrat Bill Foster, this press release says Foster is “bought and paid for” by the Service Employees International Union.

Bill Foster’s Vote Betrays the Trust of the 14th District

Dear Friend:

Tonight, Bill Foster dealt the 14th Congressional District a devastating blow!

Foster’s vote to takeover health care doesn’t only run contrary to the wishes of his constituents, it delivers on the commitment he made to HIS real boss, Andy Stern, head of the Service Employees International Union.

In the Washington Post this week, Stern boasted of the debt owed to SEIU by Foster saying that “Foster, who we ran a significant independent expenditure for, we’re telling him what it is our workers thought they were working for him for” in reference to the Pelosi/Reid health care bill.

It is clear, by the admission of SEIU to the Washington Post of access and influence, that Foster is bought and paid for by special interests at the expense of the residents of the 14th Congressional District!

Not only did Foster commit this heinous act of multi-generational theft, harming residents of Illinois by taking away Medicare benefits to seniors and shifting unknown costs to our children and grandchildren, he also committed another heinous act against the unborn.

In a later vote, Foster voted to uphold Nancy Pelosi’s commitment to government-funded abortion!

I am fighting to serve in Congress so that we STOP the special interest buying spree of Congress, STOP the government from paying for abortions and STOP the abuse of the taxpayer’s money!

Please support me in my fight against this union-funded, out-of-touch liberal who puts the interests of the SEIU and Nancy Pelosi before the interests of you by donating $5, $25, $50, $100 or whatever you can afford to contribute.

Thank you for your help in this crucial fight for our future!

Randy Hultgren

P.S. I need your support today to stop these horrendous pay-for-play tactics being used by my well-funded opponent!


Randy Hultgren Calls Out Bill Foster for “Multiple Generation Theft” — 2 Comments

  1. I wonder if Mr. Hultgren is for the repeal of the bill then, which would strip away health insurance from eventually 32 million Americans, including innocent children who the insurance companies refuse to cover due to pre-existing conditions. Good luck running that campaign – you can see how well it has done for Kirk’s Senate campaign thus far….

  2. Or perhaps Mr. Hultgren takes issue with the provisions of the bill which prohibit Insurance Companies from dropping insureds when the Insurance Company determines they are using too many benefits of the policy – a policy which the insured and/or their employer has sometimes been contributing for years if not decades. Or maybe he takes issue with the projected cost savings of the bill. Or maybe he just doesn’t like the idea of insurance in the first place. Truth be known, many of the provision in this legislation come from ideas introduced by both Republicans and Democrats including Richard Nixon amongst others. Mr. Hultren protests too much me thinks.

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