Manzullo Asks Lisa Madigan to Buck Democratic Party Line

Not much chance of success, I’d suggest, but here is 16th District Congressman Don Manzullo’s press release asking Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan to challenge the Health Care Reform bill that President Barack Obama just signed:

Manzullo Joins Illinois Colleagues in Urging IL Attorney General

Madigan to Challenge New Health Care Mandate in Court

WASHINGTON – Congressman Don Manzullo today joined several Illinois Congressional colleagues in urging Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan to join 15 other state attorneys general in challenging whether the new federal health care mandate is constitutional.

The new legislation, signed into law by the President today, requires all Americans to purchase health insurance whether they want it or not and whether they can afford it or not. Those who do not comply with the new mandate face federal tax penalties and possible imprisonment for tax evasion. Up to 16,500 new IRS agents could be hired to monitor compliance with this new mandate and enforce penalties against taxpayers.

Don Manzullo

“This is the first time the federal government has required Americans to buy a product or face fines and possible imprisonment, and it’s blatantly unconstitutional. I urge Attorney General Madigan to join the other states in challenging this mandate on behalf of the people of Illinois,” Manzullo said.

“At a time when Illinois schools are laying off thousands of teachers to deal with the state’s $12 billion budget hole, this bill would add more than $1 billion in extra Medicaid costs to the state’s obligations. It’s a disaster for the people of Illinois, and it needs to be struck down in the courts so we can focus on real reform that makes health care more affordable and accessible to Americans.”

The letter was also signed by U.S. Reps. Aaron Schock, Peter Roskam, Judy Biggert, John Shimkus and Tim Johnson, all of Illinois. To read the letter, visit


Manzullo Asks Lisa Madigan to Buck Democratic Party Line — 2 Comments

  1. So “The Don” wants to take away health insurance from 32 million people. Wow, what a guy. Listen Don, you lost. Aren’t you always complaining about focusing on jobs? Go do that.

  2. I agree we need health reform, but not in the socialistic approach this congress has used. I hope our Attorney General will have the good sense to join the fight.

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