Politicking in the Dells

When we at Wisconsin Dells, we again stayed at the Kalahari Resort.

The bottom of one of the larger waterslides at the Kalahari Resort in the Wisconsin Dells.

The main draw was the water park, of course, even though the lazy river was closed “because someone did something bad,” according to one of the lifeguards.

The “bad” was seen being scooped up with a net by my son and his friend.

They must have put a good dose of chlorine into water. Maybe enough to cause the rash on my son’s face on Saturday night.

While walking back to the room on the far, far side of the resort we passed a banquet room filled with political types.

There seems to be a vibrant contest of lieutenant governor in Wisconsin. There were signs for Dave Ross, Brett Davis and Rebecca, who must have a long last name, because it isn't on her poster. (I looked it up. It's Kleefisch.)

Posters on the door.

Former Congressman Mark Neumann had his gubernatorial pamphlets at the front table. It turns out he is a homebuilder, just as Bill Brady, the Illinois GOP candidate for governor.

Pamphlets on the check-in table.

On the way to a restaurant (ribs for me), we passed the room again.

$35 a ticket. Hear the Republican primary candidates in Wisconsin.

There were some folks sitting outside whom I took to be staffers. Most had the name “Lee” on them.

Conquering my inhibitions, I asked,

“What’s a Lee?”

Turns out one of the young people was Chad Lee, the Republican candidate for Congress in Wisconsin’s 2nd District. That’s located north of Rockford.

Wisconsin 2nd District Republican congressional candidate Chad Lee was sitting outside the banquet.

“I’m running against the Nancy Pelosi of the Midwest,” he told me. He added that he was a businessman and had no primary opponent.

He handed me his card.

The front of the campaign card Chad Lee handed me.

“You’re name doesn’t stand out enough,” I told him.

The front of Chad Lee's last palm card.

He handed me another card, which I think he said was the fourth version, the first one being the fifth version.

I suggested that his name was easier to read on the fourth version, although looking at the fifth version more carefully, I do like the way his face is presented. But I do think more contrast would be helpful on the name, rather that the shaded effect you see.

Learning we were from Illinois, he told me his grandfather was a Chicago fireman who had retired in Monee, down in Kankakee County.

Thinking of the April 6th Rockford Tea Party Express stop, I’m wondering if Lee will attend.

The Rockford TV stations do cover the southern part of his district. Since Joe Walsh, the GOP candidate from the 8th district is attending and virtually none of his constituents can view Rockford TV, it seems to me that it might be worth the time for Lee to try to get some Southern Wisconsin face time on TV.

I even sent him an email suggesting that.

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