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The following newsletter was received from the Alliance for Land, Agriculture and Water. It talks about

  • the 2030 Plan planners ignoring citizen comments
  • the “Fair Map” Reapportionment Amendments
  • the ALAW Conflict of Interest ordinance
  • Mike Tryon’s bill to prevent Water Authorities
  • the Fleming Road Alliance

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Hello All:
Just an update on several issues ALAW is working on.  More information about each project is available on our web site.

2030 plan

The Planning and Development Committee of the County Board last week demonstrated the ultimate disrespect for its constituents when it did NOT review any of your comments after they held meetings on your dime to solicit them. They accepted the staff prepared map changes to reflect the population reduction, and asked staff to prepare a resolution for their April 1 meeting to accept the plan as it is and send on to county board for a full vote on April 20.  On April 20 there can still be amendments from the floor.  Please call your county board members and pass your comments on to them.  The list is attached, as well as a district map.

Fair Map Amendment

After the 2010 census our county and state districts will be realigned. ALAW supports the Illinois Fair Map Amendment and asks that you sign a petition to get this amendment on the November 2010 ballot for the voters. Whats wrong with the current method of drawing districts?  Go to our web site and click on Illinois Fair Map Amendment for more information and to download a petition.

ALAW’s Conflicts Disclosure Ordinance

It was presented to the County Board for consideration on December 3, 2009, is posted on the web site.  You will remember that 27 county board candidates voluntarily filed the form after the ordinance was delivered, primarily by candidates in the primary election for county board. The ordinance is under consideration by the county’s Management Services Committee at this time, and will be up for another session on April 6 at 8:30 a.m.


Representative Mike Tryon has introduced a bill in the General Assembly, HB4757, that will ban water authorities, taking away the only tool the average citizen has to protect against overwithdrawal and damage by large users.  We have been in touch with Mike (as well as Jack Franks and Pam Althoff). We would like to see Mike kill this bill and replace it with something that genuinely provides fair protection for all. Mike is working with “several entities” according to Senator Pam Althoff (but not us). We can only hope. Details on our web site under NO MORE WATER AUTHORITIES.

Notes left at the Fleming Road improvement public hearing. Click to enlarge.


Watch for a link soon on the ALAW web site for the Fleming Road Alliance.  Meanwhile send an email to to be added to their mailing list for updates. The County Transportation Division held an Open House last week to divide and conquer the residents regarding their plans to “rehabilitate” and improve Fleming Rd.  What that really entails was pretty vague.

The neighbors are rallying to ask questions and there is a neighborhood meeting in the works.

The Alden Road Alliance is still waiting for further information on their road after McDOT agreed to go back to the drawing board with the plans. Neither road needs the extent of work that is proposed.

As always we appreciate your support.  Please feel free to email us back.

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