Democratic Party County Board Candidate Jeff Thirtyacre Launches Web Site

For those who follow things political in the Northeastern part of McHenry County, the Democratic Party challenger to District 4 incumbents Sandy Salgado and Pete Merkel has put up a web site.

You can find it here.

I’ll reprint his first article so you can get a taste of his campaign:

Take Back our County

How many useless taxes do you think McHenry County has?  I believe that there are too many taxes being imposed.   We really need to cut back on the double taxes and try to attract more businesses back to McHenry County.

They talk about protecting our water aquifers and then let Companies dump contaminates as they wish.

Instead of looking for ways to add taxes, they need to look for ways to cut taxes.

Jeff Thirtyacre

If we didn’t have a sheriffs office that was so top heavy in management salaries they would have more money for other things, like more officers.  We need more Officers!

I support a CCW program for our County also because the police can’t be everywhere at one time and our citizens need a way to protect themselves from criminals.

Stop trying to build buildings that we can’t afford. They should be looking into using buildings that are empty.   They could Rehab the buildings and use them.  It would cost less.

I believe that we need a Route 31 corridor from Richmond to Rte 90 so that McHenry county has a north south Highway to get from the north to the south. It would connect rte 12 north of Richmond and go to Rte 90 south of Carpentersville. but west of there. But it would connect Rte 20 Rte 176 and Rte 173 and Rte 120  to make it easier for people to get around  To many times I see people trying to use what we have like Rte 47.  It won’t work it goes through town and can’t be expanded we need a roadway that goes around the traffic and allows for a reduction in traffic in town but still give connection to other roads.

The Health Board needs to be more pro-active in investigating businesses that handle Health Hazard products.

This is the direction the county should be going, not looking for ways to protect these companies.

We need to fund services that we have not leave people on the steet corners homeless.

The County has funds that is set aside for emergencies, this is that kind of emergency I believe.  When our residents are becoming homeless.


Democratic Party County Board Candidate Jeff Thirtyacre Launches Web Site — 5 Comments

  1. All I can say is WOW.

    Here’s another big government democrat trying to solve all our ills with more government, yet espousing funding the homeless and more welfare. This guy seems to think the COUNTY is all powerful. He wants the COUNTY to enact CCW. There is a little governmental entity that may object here called “THE STATE OF ILLINOIS”. Maybe he should try and convince Rich Daley, a fellow democrat, of his CCW opinion since Daley vehemently objects to CCW and controlled the State legislature on this issue.

    Secondly, since when did the COUNTY start controlling STATE highways and gain this mystical authority to grab thousands of acres of private property for his new bypass? I’m sure several hundred property owners will object.

    He is also an expert on management. I wonder if he has any facts to go with his fiction. Compared to most similarly situated police agencies, McHenry County Sheriff has FEWER supervisors than for instance Winnebago County. Winnebago by-the-way is a smaller county both geographically and in population. It also has less unincorporated patrol responsibility.


  2. I wonder if anyone has told him the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy are imaginary?

    47 States have CCW but with the Daley controlled State legislature maybe McHenry Co should become the 51st State and let 30acher be ruler.

  3. The Skipper writes:
    He wants the COUNTY to enact CCW.

    I believe that Mayor Daley is a reasonable person and if you showed him solid facts he would agree. Everyone has their own opinion on issues and have the right to be heard. I do believe that County government has a influence on what our State officials consider and don’t consider. But I’ve worked for the State of Illinois fo 17yrs full and part time and has seen what goes on.

    My question to you is, are you for it or against it?

    And since the State has become low in funds they have turned to local Villages and municipalities to handle road projects like with the Richmond Bypass. The Village of Richmond is handling the project. Other road projects that aren’t in areas that can be done this way the State is covering them.

    I wonder if he has any facts to go with his fiction. Here’s your facts:

    Salaries of McHenry County Sheriff’s Department Supervisors
    January 28, 2010 By: Cal Skinner

    The following information was obtained through a Freedom of Information request from the Sheriff’s Department by challenger Zane Seipler’s campaign.
    It is posted at his secondary web site, MCSDExposed (for “McHenry County Sheriff’s Department Exposed,” I guess), but is no longer on its front page.

    The 2009 Wage Report for MCSD was provided today via FOIA request. Keith Nygren’s salary was $149,259.32, a $5000 increase from last year. Listed below are the twenty four other deputy supervisors and the EEO.

    Under Sheriff Eugene Lowery $136,544.37
    Sergeant Porfirio Campos-Cruz $83,461.62
    Lieutenant Donald Carlson $97,580.59
    Sergeant Duane Cedegren $93,544.91
    Sergeant Michael Cisner $98,137.88
    Captain Anton Cundiff $107,519.33
    Sergeant Alex Embry $89,513.35
    Sergeant Karen Groves $87,891.53
    Sergeant Carolyn Hubbard $89,573.22
    Sergeant Donald Kalenick $85,544.37
    Sergeant John Koziol $99,558.30
    Lieutenant William Lutz $99,363.05
    Lieutenant John Miller $105,141.26
    Sergeant Kenneth Nielsen $92,378.49
    Sergeant Daniel Patenaud $88,171.19
    Sergeant Anthony Penna $98,320.79
    Sergeant James Popovits $101,143.16
    Sergeant Greg Pyle $94,183.61
    Sergeant Daniel Reineking $98,510.24
    Sergeant Steve Schmitt $90,072.54
    EEO Kathleen Seith $93,276.86
    Captain David Shepherd $120,966.40
    Sergeant James Wagner $92,968.84
    Lieutenant Andrew Zinke $103,835.64

    17 supervisors increased there yearly income, 7 decreased or remained the same.
    Largest increases in yearly salary goes to Lowery +$10,000, Shepherd +$12,000 and Embry +$15,000
    Largest decreases in yearly salary goes to Cedegren -$4,000 and Carlson -$3,000

  4. And your point is?

    Again supervisor pay is in line with that of other similar sized departments. Two Captains’ One Operations, one Administrative,

    Four Lt’s one per shift in patrol – One in Detectives

    16 Sgt’s of which 12 are assigned to patrol. Any span of control suggests a similar ratio. Even at two working a shift each night, this is a BIG county and a very BUSY county. Often several hot calls require supervisory oversight. With rotating days off there must be enough for days off and benefit days coverage. Some are assigned to investigations.

    That pay included OT. Embry was due to a promotion.

    But since the author of most the detracting posts (Zane) was never in a supervisory or management position some concepts like this just confound the poor boy

  5. Justin says:
    04/03/2010 at 4:31 pm
    And your point is?

    The big issue is the salaries we can’t afford the raises. In this economy the taxpayers can’t afford a salary heavy sheriffs department. If the salaries weren’t so high we could afford more sheriffs. I haven’t recieved a raise in eight years. The State decided that we would pay back what they borrowed so we pay highed taxes. I only get 60000 after paying taxes and insurance and I pay 10.5% into retirement that includes overtime We probably bring home 48000. I work on the roads and they get more and more dangerous every day. People are looking for jobs and not paying attention to where they are going. When people are loosing their homes, and you give pay raises. That is not right. Ethics are what is needed to be followed.

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