Message of the Day – Hair

St. Baldrick’s Day, plus 9

Crystal Lake Kiwanis' Mike Splitt 8 days after the successful St. Baldrick's pediatric cancer fund raiser he organizaed at the Savation Army. The goal was $5,000 and almost $23,000 was raised.

Last Saturday before last, I ran into fellow Crystal Lake Kiwanis Club member Mike Splitt at the Crystal Lake Business Expo.

He was one of the brave ones who had his head shaved March 19th as my family was heading toward the Wisconsin Dells for a pre-Spring Break weekend.

Look at how far event organizer Splitt’s facial hair had grown back from the St. Baldrick’s Day shaving on behalf of St. Baldrick’s pediatric fund raiser held at the Crystal Lake Salvation Army.

Almost $23,000 was raised in the spectacularly successful fund raiser for children’s cancer research at the Crystal Lake event.

Past President Joe Johnston raised the most—$1,832—and Little Miss Peanut Emcee Blake Hobson garnered $1,310.

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