The Chicago Tribune’s Blinders

A paragraph from a Chicago Tribune article about Illinois Tea Party demonstrations:

“A typical protest will draw a few dozen vocal participants, including last month’s rally at the Schaumburg office of U.S. Rep. Melissa Bean intended to persuade the Democrat to oppose the health care bill. While most merely waved U.S. flags, some directed their ire at Obama.”

Admittedly this photo shows both sides of the March 16th demonstration outside Melissa Bean's office, but folks who were there told me there were more than a couple of dozen opposing Bean's voting in favor of President Barack Obama's health care plan. Check out other photos and the video in the links below.

Take a look for yourself at this demonstration outside Bean’s office.

Check out the video in this article.

Do you see “a few dozen” or can you count a few more?

Here’s another chance for you to count noses in front of Bean’s office.

Part of the July 4th Tea Party demonstration in Crystal Lake last year.

Information about the April 15 2010, 3-6 PM Tea Party demonstration on Route 14 in Crystal Lake can be found here.

Details about Tuesday’s Tea Party Express 1 PM stop in Rockford can be found here, map and all.

And, if you are interested in seeing what happened in Crystal Lake last July 4th, take a look at this article and this one.

April 15, 2009, at the corner of Route 14 and Main Street.

Here’s last year’s April 15th demonstration on Route 14 in Crystal Lake.

Algonquin Rout 62 demonstrations April 15, 2009.

Take a look at Algonquin’s.

Shot of last year's April 15th Tea Party crowd in Cary.

And, Cary’s.

As the Tribune says,

“Just a couple of dozen.”

And, no one is going to show up this year, are they?


The Chicago Tribune’s Blinders — 3 Comments

  1. Cal, I find the photo as posted, which a ‘Toyota’ is clearly visible, “TeaBagger” appropriate.

    Where are all the “Stop the War” or “Bring our Kids Back Home” protesters? Yea, health care if a “Terrible” issue to work on. You all look like “fools” standing out there……!

    Enjoy your rides back home in your foreign made “Toyota’s.”

    In case none of you haven’t figured it out yet…………We have a war on the southern boarder of the United States of which nobody seems to want to talk about! I’m not talking about Hispanics, I’m talking about “Drug Dealers” taking over OUR country.

    I suggest the “TeaBaggers” study up and re-direct their energy towards an issue that will in fact, “doom our country.”

    Stop fighting the ‘rock throwers’ and get our military to the boarders!! NOW!

  2. Hey Cal, that’s pretty sly. You go off on the Trib for underestimating the crowd, but you don’t show a single piece of evidence that supports your position. The tribune says “…a few dozen…” You misquote them (in quotes no less) and your sources say “… there were more than a couple of dozen.” Wow, the strength of your argument is positively breathtaking.

    If you have any evidence (like a simple headcount for example) then let’s see it. Otherwise you make yourself look silly whining that the Tribune is all wrong when from your photos they had it right on the money.

    You can wish there were more protesters there, but that doesn’t make it so.

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