Opponents of New Grafton Township Hall Send Mailing about Annual Town Meeting

To lots of Grafton Township voters, what’s in this article won’t be a surprise.

But others outside of the township might be interested in the latest move in the continuing contest between the forces backing Township Supervisor Linda Moore and those on the Township Trustees’ side.

The post card shown here arrived in area post boxes recently.

It encourages people to attend the annual township meeting next Tuesday night at 7 PM, this year being held at the Huntley High School west of Downtown Huntley.

Here's a map showing where the annual Grafton Township Meeting will be held west of Downtown Huntely.

There’s even a map to help people find the high school.

The headline below appears on the address side of the mailing:

The headline on the address side of the mailing.

On the other side is the text below:

Does Grafton Township need a $3.5 million, or even a $2 million dollar building?

Grafton Township’s trustees do not want to wait to let YOU vote on a Referendum in November’s Election

Why? Because the Grafton trustees want a $ BIG $ building and they want it NOW whether it’s truly needed or not. The trustees want to make Grafton Township government BIGGER. Instead of finding ways to expand our current facility at a lot less cost or using other taxpayer supported facilities to provide services, the trustees just have to have their OWN. The trustees WANT what they WANT and they want it NOW – paid for with YOUR money.

They say…“It’s only a little bit.” But, this time, enough is enough. No more nickel and diming taxpayers.

On April 13th, 7 p.m., the trustees want you to attend a meeting to give them permission to borrow money to purchase an unnecessary and poorly thought out, $1.1 million dollar building and another half a million for upgrades. Only registered voters who attend the meeting will be able to vote on the issues.

A referendum is scheduled for the November 2010 ballot which will allow every voter to decide if Grafton Township should borrow in excess of $3 million dollars and issue bonds for a new, large building.

FACT: The trustees have repeatedly refused to appoint a citizens’ planning committee to analyze the township’s facility needs and options.

FACT: Grafton Township is currently $700,000 in debt, costing taxpayers over $40,000 in interest to date. No money has been saved for a new building and all of the funds must be borrowed. You and your children could be paying for this for years!

WASTE: – $100,000 already wasted on legal fees – $50,000 spent on unnecessary staff – $500,000 already wasted without your permission in an illegal attempt to build a “Taj Mahal” and nothing to show for it.

Call: 708-446-0114 with any questions; to make your reservation for a ride to the meeting; or, to let us know that you are committed to coming!= = = = =
Just in case you don’t know whether you live in Grafton Township, which starts at Gate 11 in Lakewood and includes the western part of Crystal Lake’s North Shore, as well as the West End and the western part of Four Colonies, take a look at the map below:

Grafton Township precinct map. If you live here, what happens next Tuesday night could increase your taxes.


Opponents of New Grafton Township Hall Send Mailing about Annual Town Meeting — 17 Comments

  1. So the sender of the mailing is looking out for my taxes? The return address on the card belongs to a person that has taken over $800,000 over the years from the taxpayers in the form of farm subsidies. Since action speaks larger than words, I doubt he is a good representation of being a watchdog for the taxpayers. Too funny DZ!

  2. What you smoken C. Kay. Are you saying because the address belongs to a farmer we should not attend the meeting? Cause that REALLY IS what you just said…I am sure that there is plenty of what comes out of your mouth laying on that farmer’s land…………………

  3. C. Kay- Maybe you should get your facts straight before you start flapping your gums. The person that resides at that address in not a farmer and has not recieved any farm subsidies. TOO FUNNY CK

  4. Not a farmer but mooching off one. Way too funny!!!

    I think you call them tax credit farmers. Sitting on millions in land and crying about about a few hundred dollars a year if even. I think they’re just bitter because they can’t get all there family members working for the township.

  5. The people who sent out this info are the one’s who sued the township and caused all the legal bills. Lead in the well water I’m sure of it!!!

  6. Funny how they fail to mention all the activities that “Supervisor” Moore has been up to…

    -working from home
    -claiming an office that is 11’x13′ is a “closet” (I would LOVE to have that big of a closet btw)
    -leaving seniors stranded
    -incurring legal bills because she lacks the ability to work with people
    -causing the police to waste their time and resources responding to multiple calls to the township office
    -moving the township phone numbers from the township office to her home without authorization
    -giving her assistant a large pay increase
    -refusing to compromise or work with anyone (If I can’t be the princess, I’m taking my tiara and going home…literally)

    Isn’t it interesting that none of this was mentioned on the flyer. Things that make you go hmmmm…

  7. Not a Grafton Township ought to get the facts straight and focus on his or her own township. If you are not paying taxes here than take your silly stuff elsewhere. Uneed should change his/her name to Ineedsanitypills….what a bunch of fruitcakes……Oh yeah, that is my real name up there. Losers……..

  8. Funny who is posting under assumed handles. Some of us are not hiding.

  9. Who the “f” are you to say who and what we post!!! Some of us do know what the truth of the problems is. Unlike your BS.

  10. Water test fine. Thanks for your concern, youtookcrazypills. But I would question your gray matter ability to work in real life situations. Please review the facts of who spent what on lawyers. Example Feb. bill of $16,000.00 or so, the supervisior appears on there once maybe twice. Laporta contacted the lawyer to the tune of over $2000.00 Thank you Bobby. Ignorance levels remain high. You and CKay must be sharing the kool-aid.

  11. The coin station cow pie’s started the building law suit.
    The “super” started the second when she filled for an injuction.
    My grey matter just fine you might want to check what’s rolling around in your mellon 🙂

  12. Jeff,

    Just for information, I don’t blast my name over the internet for privacy reasons and because I can’t trust that crazies who don’t like what I say won’t do something to my family.

    And in regards to my concern with Grafton, did you ever think that maybe, just maybe, I have friends or family that live there? Or that I had contemplated moving there? Which btw, with all the bs surrounding the township, I really am second guessing that.

    You have a wonderful and blessed day now.

  13. After all that, the trustees still refuse to take no for an answer. Our opionions differ big time, but at least I have the balls not to hide behind a posted name. Lower dosage on kool-aid and review the facts. Not if you like us or whats been happening or not. JUST THE FACTS. Have to go get some cow pie on my boots. Don’t have any more time to debate issues.

  14. …and who are you, Crazy, to ask what I post?……
    If I were to ask what the answer would be inbedded in the question….

  15. “Not” you have no skin in this….it is not your money, you pay no taxes in Grafton. As for commenting under my name, I stand by all I say and I am not afraid of the fallout. It is part of what makes me American. I have the right of free speech but I understand the responsibility that goes along with it. I wish I had not used the terms fruit cakes and losers but I can’t understand, and am frustrated by, what I see as a complete lack of logic. I am accountable to every communication I make on line. Try it some time.

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