Fleming Road Alliance Calling for Comments by April 9th

That’s the deadline the McHenry County Department of Transportation has set for commenting on what should be done to Fleming Road.   The following is what the Fleming Road Alliance wants to share with readers:



To download a comment sheet:


To comment on-line:


For MCDOT information on the project:


Whether you live on Fleming Road or nearby, or maybe are one of the people who drive Fleming Road and enjoy its scenic beauty and tranquility, we are glad you have joined this mailing list.

We think you will agree that the County Open House session raised more questions than it answered. So a few of us sat down and brainstormed some ideas.

We want to share those ideas with you and we would like to hear yours.

We are developing a list of those unanswered questions and are trying to set up a meeting with Wally Dittrich, from the McHenry County Division of Transportation to get more information.

If you have questions for the Transportation Division, please forward them to us for the list. Use this address FlemingRoadAlliance@gmail.com.

If the right of way is widened, the daffodils now blooming would be a casualty.

Residents fear that picturesque Fleming Road could end up an eastern by-pass for Woodstock,

The signs were taken down by the generous volunteer who made and put them up, and were replaced this weekend with new signs containing this email address so more people can sign up.

We thought to keep the signs fresh they should come and go throughout this campaign. If you want one in your yard, please email us your address and we will make sure you get one. If you have a catchy phrase idea for the next round of signs, please let us know that too.

Some residents think county board members plan to improve Fleming Road enough so that trucks could use it as an Eastern By-Pass for Woodstock.

We also are hoping one of you can set up and manage a web site for us. If you have that ability and want to help, a web site will really increase our visibility and access, and generate support across the county and beyond.

Please drive slowly on Fleming Road.

Enjoy the views with spring greening up and the daffodils coming up, and wave to people as you pass.

When the road traffic is slow, transportation division is more inclined to lower speed limits (rather than raise them).

There were two tables at the Fleming Road meeting. Each had linear maps of part of the road.

And last of all, if you want to volunteer to help there are things you can do.

Bull Valley resident Emily Berendt and county board candidate John Jung converse with county board member Tina Hill.

We think its important to have one or two people on a rotating basis to attend Transportation Division regular meetings to get to know who we will be dealing with. These meetings are at 8:15 on the first and third Wednesday of each month. (April 7 and 21).

Here you see some comments put on the map near Hidden Lane. (Click to enlarge.)

MCDOT has a tentative schedule of Fleming Road meetings coming up that we hope you will be able to turn out for in large numbers.

Man examines the "Aesthetics" poster.

Constant contact with the Transportation Division will be important to keep the information flow both ways.

People writing comments at the public meeting.

At some point we will probably need a letter writing campaign to the news media, and calls and attendance at other County meetings.

MCDOT Engingeer Wally Dittrich explains something to County Board member Virginia Peschke (R-Bull Valley).

Any other ideas are welcome too; there are surely things we have not thought of.

Interested people examined the maps of Fleming Road at the McHenry County Department of Transporation hearing.

The number of people who turned out for the open house says that there are a lot of you wanting to work on this. We want to hear from you.

A Fleming Road curve before the daffodils bloomed.

Fleming Road Alliance


Lisa Halma Rhoades

Mary Moltman

Ed Bennett

Linda Ramsey

Stanley Jarosz

Phyllis Keinz


Fleming Road Alliance Calling for Comments by April 9th — 5 Comments

  1. Isaiah 40:4

    “…every mountain and hill shall be made low and the crooked made straight and the rough patches plain.”

    Oh dear.

  2. 100% Support for Fleming Rd. Alliance!!!!!

    I don’t live on Fleming Rd. but often take it ,to get to Greenwood. It is my “Thinking” road. I tend to go slower and take time for myself by enjoying the beauty of Fleming Rd. I love when the flowers are blooming in the Spring. It seems there are not many roads left like that anymore.

    There is Rt. 120 & Rt. 14 that lead to Rt.47, that is enough. I see big trucks all the time back in Bull Valley that should not be taking those roads. They come off of McConnell or Lilly Pond and sneak back through Country Club all the time. McConnell is no longer safe to drive on because of this. I almost was hit head-on due to someone passing(over double yellow line) going up one of McConnell’s hills and didn’t see me coming up the other side of the hill.

    Don’t let this happen to Fleming.
    I will put the word out on FaceBook. Is there a petition to sign?

  3. I do have one question: can the pavement be fixed without destroying the oaks, daffodils, etc.? I’m coming into this late….I love the road but it’s ruining my car. Also, not all the vegetation along the roadway is nice, native, or noteworthy. I’m just sayin’ 🙂

  4. I have to say that I prefer ribbons for your trees and your cause much better than all the signs but I find the yellow ribbons along Fleming road disrespectful to our military. The yellow ribbon program is for them in my opinion.
    If I am wrong in assuming this is your reason for them I would like to know.

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