New Signs on Fleming Road

Fleming Road near Route 120

The daffodils are up in Bull Valley and the Fleming Road preservationists have posted new signs.

A strategically placed sign among blooming daffodils.

The best sign has been planted among the daffodils that the village gardeners have planted over the years and which makes a scenic drive through the village highly recommended this time of year.

It says,


This sign is south of the intersection of Fleming and Bull Valley Roads.

I also like the

Scenic Route
Truck Route

Area residents are concerned that pro-hyper growth forces on the county board might be plotting to turn Fleming Road into an eastern truck bypass for Woodstock.

The Fleming Road Alliance is trying to develop an email list.

Be Included

Reasons the Fleming Road Alliance doesn't want the road improved too much include that the speed limit might be raised making it harder to get out of driveways and encouraging additional traffic.

appears on yard signs printed in both blue and red ink.

Cut Speed

is another catchy sign in the campaign.

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