Free Bus Ride Offered Lakewood & Crystal Lake Residents to Grafton Township Meeting Tuesday Night

You can see the part of Crystal Lake that is in located in Grafton Township on this map. (Click to enlarge)

As the Grafton Township meeting on Tuesday approaches, efforts by those who wish to spend millions of dollars to obtain or construct new township offices and those in opposition are intensifying.

Opponents have hired a bus that will leave the General Store near the Lakewood Village Hall at 6:15, that early so that those who accept the free ride will have good seats.

Those wishing the free ride to the Huntley High School are urged to arrive at 6, because the bus will leave at 6:15 sharp, organizers say.

The bus will return to the General Store immediately after the meeting concludes.


Free Bus Ride Offered Lakewood & Crystal Lake Residents to Grafton Township Meeting Tuesday Night — 8 Comments

  1. Cal – You forgot to blog about today’s (Monday) Public Open house at the Grafton Township Office. The Open House will run until 7 pm tonight. Have a meet and greet with Linda! Come and see what all of the fuss is about! See a room without a window! See if TJ is working there today! There may be a prize if you can find the missing hard drives!

  2. CHK – it’s an old building. What’s your point? There are a lot of old buildings that work just fine or which can be updated.

  3. My Point??? With Cal’s extensive blogging about the issues of Grafton, I’m just surprised that Cal did not promote the Open House. You know, see what all the fuss is about! All the residents of Grafton should tour this building.

  4. I repeat, it’s an old building. There are a lot of old buildings that work just fiine or which can be updated without hitting the multi-million dollar piggy bank.

    The last time things exploded with the $3.5 M plus interest approx. total of $5M – the meeting was held in the darned garage – it could have been held at the Park District or some other location for an unusually large large turnout. Instead some “point” was being made to overcrowd the smelly garage. Oh, right – look how sad it is that we have to meet in the garage. Boo Hoo!

    This is the 21st Century. Grafton Township’s building doesn’t need to be a Palace (if Grafton and or the building have to exist at all) and doesn’t have to contain social meeting rooms – those things already exist – work with others instead of spending money just to spend money. A lot of people have home offices for Pete’s sake. Computers and Faxes have changed how we work. Food pantries are fine – they don’t have to be at Township buildings either.

  5. The point was Cal, via this weblog, goes out of his way to present one side of the issue. Here is Cal’s a blog entry “news” about “opponents’ paying for a bus to drive to Lakewood to deliver voters to Tuesday’s meeting. Cal carefully omits other Grafton news, such as the Grafton Public Open House that was held this evening. I guess Cal did not find the Open House to be of value to those that hang on his every word. No bias here. Fordee, so are you saying you will host the next monthly Grafton meeting so the taxpayers can save park district rental fee?

  6. Can’t figure it out? I don’t think Cal Skinner Jr even lives in Grafton town ship?

  7. “Old” Building. Crabby “Old” cheepsakates. Your right who cares:)

  8. Ya dee you tell em, we wouldn’t want your township tax dollars wasted to help the poor. Helping the poor such a waste of tax dollars. The more you post the more we see your true colors.

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