Nunda Township GOP Snags Politicos for Celebrity Cook Fund Raiser

Seen on the bottom row from left to right, are John and Sheri Haselgruber, Paulette Wainberg, Chairman Nunda Republicans Central Committee Brent Smith and Chris Halloway. On the back row, from left to right, are Jim Batastini, Scott Brown, Nunda Trustee Joni Smith, Brian Prather, Patti Pauley, Adam "Moose" Pringle, Nunda Trustee Tom Palmer, Karen Tynis, Wally Tynis, Nick Provenzano, Chairman Republican Party McHenry County Mike Tryon, Dave Gervais, Jake Justen, YR Chairman Bryan Javor, Adam Wallen. Missing from the picture, but attending, are Zachary Smith, Chelsi Smith, Bob Halloway, Mark Daniel, James Jirasek, organization Vice Chairman Jon Heideman.

Under Brent Smith’s leadership, the Nunda Township Republican Central Committee has held the first of its monthly meetings.

There was even a commemorative cake.

Now, Nunda Township Republicans are rolling out a fund raising raffle, the prize for which will be a politician to cook dinner for the winner in his or her home.

I bought my ticket in between getting signatures for the “Fair Map” reapportionment constitutional amendment petition at the Crystal Lake Business Expo.

Workers posing at the Republican Party booth at the Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce Business Expo. From left to right are Rebecca Lee, Bob Miller, Anna May Miller, Tom McDermott, Brent Smith, Cal Skinner, Bill Miller, Mike Shorten and Jon Heideman.

I figured the only woman on the list, Barb Wheeler probably would provide the best meal, so she’s going to learn where the Lakewood home with the tree house is, if I win.

Below is the flyer for the fundraiser:

Ticket contact email is

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