Vanessa Tobey’s Family Offers Thanks to Good Samaritan Evan

A comment came from Crystal Lake’s Evan after Vanessa Tobey was untimely killed in an automobile crash on Huntley Road and Waterford cut Saturday night just before midnight:

I was the first one to the scene as I was on way home from work. I immediately called 911, I did everything in my power to help these people.

I never knew Vanessa or her family, But I held her until the fire rescue arrived.

I wont ever forget what happened last night, and even though I never knew Vanessa, I will never forget her either.

Life is a very delicate thing, and every moment is precious, God works in ways we may never understand, But I know without ever knowing Vanessa that she has gone to a better place, and it angers me sometimes that we can never put the pieces together on why tragedies like this occur.

But i believe that for some reason God needed Vanessa, and that she will live on forever in everyone that knew and loved her.

I never knew you Vanessa, But I will never forget you….RIP

I am blessed to be able to pass on the following message that just arrived from Vanessa’s family to Evan:

Evan,We don’t know you, but from our family we want to Thank You for coming to help our precious Vanessa. Knowing someone like you were there to comfort and support her in her final breathes is something we are so greatful for. You are a true angel for doing what you did and again thank you for trying to help her. God sees what good you have done.


The Tobey Family


Vanessa Tobey’s Family Offers Thanks to Good Samaritan Evan — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you for being there for my friend Vanessa, Its a comfort to know that she had someone their for her, I cant explain enough how much she meant to everyone she meet . Thank you for being there and stopping like the Tobey Family said you were her angel that night xoxo
    Laura Byrnes

  2. My full name is Evan M. Finn. That moment has now changed me forever. I have always been, but now more than ever an advocate against drinking and driving, and driving recklessly. I will never forget the night of April 10th, 2010, and I am still deeply saddened by the events that occurred that night. I would welcome the opportunity to meet the Tobey Family. Though I never knew Vanessa, she has now changed my life forever. I feel the need to pay my final respects to Vanessa, and the Tobey Family. Please contact me.

    Evan M. Finn
    Cell – 815-861-2124

  3. words will never be able to express the deep loss everyone who loved her is feeling.. ive been reading the comments people are leaving on her facebook page and it is clear just how special a person she truely was and a lot of lives were torn apart when they learn what had happened to their dear friend..

    i know that a lot of people are thankful for u being there for her when none of us could be.. and if she was still with us today, i know she would thank you too.. it’s good to know that in times like these, you really can count on the kindness of a stranger.. may god bless your heart..

    RIP dear Vanessa, untill we meet again..

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