Nygren to Join Sheriffs Arresting Illegals

This is where those detained for immigration violations in the Chicago area will end up--the McHenry County Jail. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement folks pay McHenry County good money to keep them behind bars.

A Chicago Tribune article I didn’t find in that newspaper today says that McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren is going to have his deputies start checking the names of those arrested with suspects’ names in Department of Homeland Security files.

So are Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran and Will County Sheriff Paul Kaupas.

The three join the sheriffs of DuPage and Kane County in the “Secure Communities” initiative.

That will result in everyone booked being checked to see if they have immigration violations, regardless of the charge, including traffic stops.

Allen County, Ohio, Sheriff Daniel Beck explained to Midwest Minutemen how he was doing that over two years ago. Nygren did not attend the meeting, but has apparently now adopted Beck’s approach.

During the Republican primary campaign, challenger Zane Seipler outlined what appears to me to be a similar policy.

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In 2007, Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran got a lot of press for seeking Immigration and Customs Enforcement certification to deport illegal alien criminals after they have served their sentence.


Nygren to Join Sheriffs Arresting Illegals — 20 Comments

  1. Put em behind bars so they can lift weights and have some good chow to get them ready to jump the fence again only this time they are well fed and toned for the journey. Have the government pay to have the sheriff do this. What a system we have. It never ends.

  2. What a surprise!! Methinks Mr. Nygren needs the Zane votes.

  3. History will reflect that a country of immigrants herded up the natives and put them in reservations and then in the 21st century took the latest immigrants and hunted them down like dogs and locked them up in jails all over the land. Excuse me while I throw up.

  4. Any of you gone to an emergency room lately. They have become free clinics for Illegals. You wait in line behind dozens of mexicans coughing all over you. Its the Flu, fever reducer and liquids you don’t need an emergency room for that.

    Thanks congress.

  5. Maybe, just maybe, American born teens will find a ‘summer job’ this year? But they must be willing to put down the PlayStations first……

    Cal, one day, Im going to submit a story for you to post, on how Americans are treated when in Mexico…… We don’t get “Nada!”

    A real problem we havent been told about yet, is how many Mexican families are fleeing parts of Mexico to the US seeking Protection from the drug wars.

    We havent seen it in the news yet…. but our schools are being hit hard with ‘political fugitives’ from these boarder towns. AND, to accommodate this, some schools are actually hiring private tutors and personal assistants for these kids who cannot speak English.

    I’ts a rough call……….I have personal knowledge of this Cal. These children are in fear of their lives. So, we have two separate issues to deal with now.

    Those in legitimate ‘need’ of our help, and those who are ‘jumpers.’

    We MUST get our military down to that boarder ASAP… but… I doubt this will ever happen. So, we the tax payers, are the one’s not being protected by our own government, .AND, let’s not forget…. WHO is hiring these illegals?

    I think we all know the answer to this! Just look out the front window to your own homes, that’s who!

  6. One more thing…. Go to http://www.dea.gov or to the FBI websites… click on any ‘districts’ “Most Wanted………”

    What do you see??? I rest my case!

    One of these days Im going to post a story about what happens to an American when they get into an automobile accident in Mexico. You will be stunned!!!

    Advise: NEVER, EVER, drive a car in Mexico! IF you must, FIRST, get MEXICAN AUTO INSURANCE….. YOUR U.S. POLICY STOPS once you cross the boarder! Obtain this insurance BEFORE YOU CROSS INTO MEXICO.

    Remember in Mexico, YOUR BODY, is your bond, UNTIL, you either, PROVE YOU HAVE FULL COVERAGE INSURANCE, OR, YOU ARE RICH AND PAY ALL THE DAMAGES UPFRONT because whether or not you were at fault, Trust me, YOU WERE AT FAULT.

    You are put in jail immediately, UNTIL, you pay ALL damages……….And believe me, a Mexican Jail looks nothing like the McHenry County ICE Unit!

    LULAC isn’t down in Mexico checking on the condition’s of Mexican jails for Americans. LULAC isnt down there demanding civil rights and free medical for Americans.

    But a high ranking member of LULAC sits at the Home State Bank in Crystal Lake, making sure Latino Services are running smoothly!

  7. Richard, now will you tell Cal’s readers, “The Rest of the Story?” Richard, what did the Mexican Government do with all its “Native “Indians?” The did exactly what the US Government had done…. Exact!

    So, if you’re going to be giving out ‘History’ lessons on immigrants, give us the entire book, chapter and verse…. Cause I know it well!!!

    Watch ANY MEXICAN television station…. ALL actors a VERY LIGHT skinned and light hair.. (french influence) Why, because in Mexico, to be light skinned is considered “Beautiful!”

    Hence, all the very dark skinned “Native Mexicans” were also, ‘Wiped OUT!”

    68% of the ‘Drug Vectors’ from South and Central America come up via Mexico, Richard, 68%…….. Why doesn’t our government put the military on our boarder to stop this???????

    Drugs employ LOTS of people!!! Illegal Immigration, supports the AMERICAN businesses “HIRING” them all!!

    You want the truth Richard, There it is!!!

  8. Dave, two wrongs do not make a right. The fact that a lot of Mexican immigrants avail of our government giving away free medical care to them or the fact that their government is also corrupt does not lessen the fact that a great number of US citizens endorse the horrific practice of detaining today the very people who were “good enough” to do our menial jobs yesterday.
    We look back in horror at the internment camps we used to house Japanese immigrants and Japanese Americans during WWII.
    We will look back with the same horror when we consider the practice regarding immigrants that NOW exists in this great country.

  9. Richard I agree, two wrongs do not make a right…. respectfully, when you speak about what you perceive about our nations history, ie, the native American Indians, I don’t think it is fair to only point out our nations history.

    I respect your opinion to be sure Richard. Mexico enjoys many riches….and you know what those are………and Mexico does some things unbelievably well….. I have never seen such a great public transportation system at such a low cost.

    Richard, Why does Mexico so strictly enforce its own southern boarder? You know why. Why does the Mexican military have military ‘check points’ set up ALL OVER Mexico…………..(We don’t do that here)

    Its because Mexico does NOT ALLOW nor Permit, ILLEGAL entries. Mexico in comparison to Guatemala, is a paradise…. so, many Guatemalan’s try to enter into Mexico…. SO if we use your argument, then Mexico is just as wrong as the US?

    However, the US Government imprisoned Japanese Americans…. which was deplorable…Nobody is talking about placing Mexican-Americans in prison? Your comparison, respectfully, is without merit.

    Richard, while living in Mexico, I never received ANY free medical assistance, I never received Food Stamps, Here is something that will really upset some readers…

    Do you know, that if you’re a NON-American worker, here on a legal work VISA, that you can claim your dependents LIVING IN MEXICO or otherwwise, as tax deductions on the US Income Tax forms?(they must also be registered as such on the workers lawful VISA)

    So, for legally documented workers Richard, they enjoy all the benefits American Citizens receive. So, I don’t see what the Japanese, or Native American Indian’s have to do with anything. Im trying to see your side… but I know what Happens to an American in Mexico if his or her papers are not in order….

    You know what an FM-3 is right Richard? We could go on and on about this. To make things simple, we live by the laws of the land we stand upon.

    (When In Rome?) Those ‘menial jobs’ you speak of, at one time, were jobs High School and College kids depended upon to further their own educations. I know I did.

    This being said, I have to admit, many of today’s kids do not have the work ethic we grew up with….so yes, I admire the hard working Mexican people, no doubt. But, it must be done legally. Just as Mexico expects of anybody entering its boarders.

    If I were President this is exactly what I would do:

    1) Get the Military to ‘Lock Down” ALL our boarders. By all means, electronic and with troops

    2) I would give 12 months for any and all illegals within the US to come forward, and they can stay. Pay a fine. Get a green card which must be turned into citizenship within 10 years. (This is the present time frame for those who currently hold ‘Green Cards.’)

    Then, to be very blunt… NO MORE B.S! Its over. Nobody is getting in the USA illegally without a fight.

    I personally know hundreds of families with great kids who are in our schools, who were brought into the US illegally as babies. NOW, as they turn 16, they can’t take drivers education, they cant legally get a job…..Their parents are to blame for this.

    This being said, it would be IMPOSSIBLE for the US Government to account for, then try to ’round up’ illegals. BUT, we can STOP THE BLEEDING now, and go from here.

    Thank you.

  10. Richard, are you aware that most of the Mexicans living in McHenry County that I knew and or know, had NO IDEA, a placed called the LATINO COALITION services in Woodstock, even existed?

    I was told the Hispanic gentleman who was in charge, was paid $75,000.00 per year.

    Could you please tell all the readers, WHY, it is common, for Mexican’s, who have just caused an auto accident, some of which caused great bodily harm, FLEE the scene?

    You and I know why…. but let’s tell the people. Its because in Mexico, they have an immediate ‘BODY ATTACHMENT’ of those involved in the accident. The person charged, is put into jail, immediately, UNITL, he or she can show proof of insurance, OR, can pay ALL damages… and Unitl they do so, they remain imprisoned.

    They “FLEE” the scene because they have no concern about Lawful American citizens who also utilize our highways to get to work.

    Isn’t a police officer who takes “ANY” person, who is unlawfully operating a motor vehicle on our roadways into custody, a good thing. The right thing? Isn’t that what tax payers expect Police to do? NO license, no insurance, no drive!

    So I ask…. respectfully, why didnt the Latino Coalition get out the word to ALL ‘their people,’ that if they don’t have an automobile license, and insurance, they can’t drive a car on our highways.

    Why won’t LULAC, come forward, with an ‘army’ of Hispanic volunteers, and begin checking their own people…. They have the time to go to Washington DC, to, in the words of LULAC, “DEMAND,” but they can’t seem to get the word out on the streets that the behaviors we see, (we, legal Americans) is unacceptable……?

    The Home State Bank of Crystal Lake has a ‘special’ services department dedicated to “Latino’s.” Are they making automobile loans to only ‘legal’ citizens? I wonder.

    What am I missing, please. Thank you.

  11. Dave, all great points and I cannot argue with any of them. My only issue is with locking up young men and women of any race or creed for coming here to make a better life just like generations before them.

  12. Richard, I am sensitive to your feelings and I understand your well intended efforts. It’s really a very hard situation for many.

    Let’s hope our government can help those already here, and let’s hope the Mexican government finds a way to make life better for those Mexicans who truly never want to leave their homeland.

  13. I get your frustation on “ilegal immigrants” however everyone here has posted and SPECIFY as if they were so sure its only MEXICANS ilegal in this country, hello? knock! knock!

    look @ what happen on 9/11 TERRORIST! you remember this day, right? was it MEXICANS?


    So in the US there is no Central-Americans,Cuban,China, South Africa, polish and Pakistan??? RITE only mexicans! VIVA MEXICO CABRONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Could go into a lot of detail – just wont! Unless you have been there and seen the unmitigated corruption and feeding of nothing less than a money making scheme born of fear mongering and national paranoia- until you have spoken to the many British, Polish, Russian, French – indeed any none American ilegally “detained” person (by the definition of your own laws- RIP that great document the Constitution and farewell Habeus corpus), you really only have the information dished out to you by the department of homeland security – now there’s an interesting oxymoron for you.

    There are no weights or exercise equipment in McHenry for immigrants, there is barely (very barely ) humane medical attention …go ask Dr Dora Schriro of ICE or John Moreton – chances are they wont answer you like they dont EVER answer those detained or maybe you can sit in the “medical waiting room” at McHenry all 6ft by 3ft of it surrounded by the bloodied cotton swabs that don’t get cleaned up from one day to the next. While you are at it check out how many US born citizens have been detained and deported (might get a surprise there) or how about the children under 9 who have been detained in horrific centers ….you might get a surprise about what you dont know and what ICE wont share. Dont just accept what you are told – go find out the whole story then argue the merits or deficits. Ill give you a clue there’s more of one than the other and most americans are in the dark about what is being perpetrated in their name – which is a shame because I have found most americans to be kind and generous what a shame because the image that is presented to the world is scratched across the face of an ICE man’s badge – not good!

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