Algonquin TEA Party Starts the Day

Most of the demonstrators can be seen in this shot. The yellow cab driver was honking virtually the whole time he as stopped at the light and afterward. He was waving his left arm in approval as well.

I drove down to Algonquin for the noon to 1 PM TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party.

Here's the leading edge of the Cornish Park demonstration. One man holds up a sign saying,"Honk if you're fed up with BOTH parties."

There were about seventy people present waving flags and holding up signs…not counting a couple of kids.

Baby flag waver, out in 82 degree weather.

This youngster was teething on his American Flag pole, but I didn’t get my camera clicking fast enough to0 catch the action.  Mom gave it back to the child and I got the above shot.

What do you think of the sign on the right? "I'll pay for my house. You pay for yours."

Several cameramen were recording the event.

Distracted photographer.

Christopher Hankins from the Daily Herald had a really expensive lens. He got distracted taking photos of the demonstration from west of Harrison Street. I don’t know if the truck blew its horn or was just noisy as it stopped for the light.  Photos he took can be found here.

3 o’clock is when the Crystal Lake TEA Party demonstration starts.  It will be along Route 14, starting at Main Street.

It will run until about 6:30.

Before or after, if you want a good deal, the nearby Colonial Cafe is holding a fund raiser for the Children’s Center for Autism in Cary.  Pancakes will be sold for a penny, but you have to buy a drink, too.  A box is at the cash register so patrons can make a contribution.

In cooperation with the Cary Lions Club, Crystal Lake's Colonial Cafe is having a fund raiser for the Children's Center of Autism in Cary on April 15th.

Don’t like pancakes.  (I bought my favorite salad, a citrus tango salad, today.)

Colonial has 50 cent ice cream cones.  Not big ones; just one scoop.

Enough to satisfy my hunger for sweets today.


Algonquin TEA Party Starts the Day — 7 Comments

  1. So a couple dozen protesters turned out?

    Nice plug for the Autism fundraiser. Hope the gang across the street pitches in. Maybe everyone could toss in the amount equal to what their taxes have gone down under Obama?

  2. Joe-

    More than 70 is not exactly a “couple dozen”. Considering this was only an hour long, and in the middle of the day, I’d say that number is pretty impressive. I’d imagine the one in Crystal Lake will be pretty huge.

    47% of Americans pay no federal income tax at all, while the rest of us foot the bill. Maybe those folks wouldn’t mind pitching in a bit?

  3. Did you notice any of Huntley’s finest farmers at the Tea Bag Fest? Since they are against big government and taxes, I wonder if they would take time out of their busy schedules to attend the event.

  4. Bravo on the sophomoric sexual innuendo there, c.kay. Did you come up with that all by yourself?

  5. Do you really think protesting against the government in the locales of Algonquin or CL will change something? Why not drive to the Government Center in Woodstock for a protest or drive down to Springfield and protest? Snarling traffic on busy area roads does not lead me to think a change is coming. Tea Bag away!

  6. Did someone let their 12 year old play on the computer unattended?

    Every rally matters. The Tea Party is a vehicle for change coming real soon to local and national legislatures. We are changing the political landscape one rally at a time and one election at a time. I look forward to November.

  7. Referring to these protesters as “Tea Baggers’ is as childish and annoying as not ever using the word “Democratic” to refer to the Democratic Party and incorrectly referring to it as the “Democrat Party” because Newt Gingrich’s polling found that “Democrat” somehow has more negative connotations.

    So I hope you Tea Baggers had fun yesterday- it was a great day for it.

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