Message of the Day – A Sign

Signs like this would be appropriate late Thursday afternoon on Route 14 in Crystal Lake.

This is income tax day and this sign, while not local, is appropriate because TEA Party demonstrations are going to be held in Crystal Lake on Route 14 at Main Street and on Route 62 in Algonquin.

For the Route 14 location, one group is promoting 3-6 PM; another 3:30-6:30.

In Algonquin, the place to be is in Cornish Park across from Port Edward from noon to 1.

Crystal Lake Police Cars behind the TEA Party demonstrators last April 15th.

Last year there was a large police presence.

Demonstrators on Route 14 a year ago.

Worried about all those middle class folks who are fed up.  All those people paying the 75% higher city sales tax, if they stick around to shop.

I wonder if anyone will bring a sign expressing displeasure about Mayor Aaron Shepley and all of his city council’s having hiked the Crystal Lake city sales tax by 75%.

McHenry’s city council is contemplating a 50% increase.

If there is any criticism of the TEA Party movement I would offer, it is that virtually all of the effort is targeted at the national level.

Mike Hanson understands not all pocketbook threats come from Washington.

In Illinois, with Democrats in the Senate have actually voted to increase income taxes by 67%, I would think that demonstrators would be concerned enough to target Pat Quinn and his Democratic Party tax hiking colleagues.

And, complaints about local tax hikes, such as the Crystal Lake one described above, mainly to build a recreation lakeside resort area in the middle of the biggest recession in all but one of the city council members’ lives, I expect them to be non-existent.

In politics the hardest lesson to learn is that

All politics is local.

Democratic Party U.S. House Speaker Tip O’Neill is the man who said it. The Boston pol was right on.

It is easier to scare local officials than national ones.

That doesn’t mean that I am suggesting ignoring the Melissa Bean’s and Bill Foster’s of the world.

What you see here is the table with three Grafton Township Trustees--Betty Zirk, Rob LaPorta and Gerry McMahon--with Township Administrator Pam Fender between Zirk and LaPorta. Seen to the far left is Township Road Commissioner Jack Freund. The meeting has been going on for about a half an hour and the entire audience knows which way the wind is blowing.

It does mean when people get “mad as hell,” as the vast majority were Tuesday night at the Grafton Township meeting, big things can be accomplished.

The margin of victory for the opponents of buying new township offices were at least 5-2, maybe at high as 80%. All votes were by standing or raising hands with the pink paper ballots, which were never cast.

The Township Trustees seemed astounded that over 500 people would come to trash their plans to obtain new township offices.

= = = = =

Those attending the Route 14 TEA Party Thursday afternoon might want to consider coming early to have penny pancakes at Colonial Cafe.  The restaurant is holding an autism benefit for a local agency.


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  1. I attend the Tea Party last year. The policemen were wonderful. Very friendly and enjoyed the event. The feelings were mutual.

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