Route 47 Closed by Major Two-Car Accident

McHenry County Sheriff's Squad Car was the second one I saw heading toward the Route 47 accident.

As I was heading to the McHenry County Courthouse complex for the Republican Party-sponsored Chicago Food Pantry food giveaway, a Woodstock Police car came screaming down Business 14 and turned onto Route 47.

It was easy to tell that this was not a routine call and, given the time of night, something before six P.M., I guessed it was an auto accident.

The traffic light override was engaged at Judd Street and Route 47.

Stopping for gas at the Citgo to avoid Mayor Aaron Shepley’s 75% sales tax increase, a Sheriff’s squad car was accelerating down 47.

Woodstock Fire Engine Number 01 headed south on Route 47.

We got to the light at Judd Street, on which the main Fire Station is located. I noticed the little light next to the traffic light was white.

Sure enough, what has to be one of Woodstock’s biggest engine, number “01,” rolled around the corner onto Route 47 going south.

While at the courthouse parking lot another engine, siren blasting, came down Ware Road, turning south on Route 47.

Woodstock Fire Truck E35 also responded to the accident. The back of the sign you see says "McHenry County Republican Headquaters." The local GOP were sponsoring a Northern Illinois Food Bank free food pick-up in the Courthouse parking lot.

I decided to take Route 47 home. Before reaching Bypass 14, I noticed a helicopter heading in a northerly direction. I thought it might be a Flight for Life, but I couldn’t figure out what hospital it might be heading for. Rockford is west and the helicopter seemed to be heading more northwest.

Continuing down 47, we reached a roadblock at Lucas Road.

Route 47 was blocked at Lucas Road by a Woodstock Police car.

East or west were our choices.  I went west  a bit and parked.

It appears to be a head-on crash between two cars. It is unclear if the truck with the blue trailer was involved or is just blocking the road to prevent others from piling into the wreck. (Click to enlarge this or any other image.)

You can see what my long lens caught of this major accident. Two cars seemed to have been involved. There is a red truck with a blue trailer which might have been part of the accident, too. Maybe it is just blocking the road to prevent other cars from hitting the wrecked ones. Another white semi probably stopped to help.

The fire engines had left, but two Sheriff’s Department squad cars were there. The deputies were examining the car on the road, which appeared to have been hit head-on.

Below you can see a close-up of the demolished car in the middle of the road.

Here's a close-up of the demolished car sitting astride Route 47.

The white car which ended up in the western ditch is seen next.

Route 47's western ditch is where the white car ended up.

We drove west on Lucas and down Dean Street Road to Route 176. It took a long time to get out onto the main road.

Route 47 was blocked at its northern intersection with Route 176. This is at the northern edge of the over 400 acres the Village of Lakewood seeks to annex.

At the intersection of Routes 176 and 47, a Sheriff’s Deputy told northbound cars to head west to Dean Street and it would take them to Woodstock.

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Gus Philpott’s Woodstock Advocate has a story on the crash here. Included is an earlier photo.


Route 47 Closed by Major Two-Car Accident — 8 Comments

  1. Cal, did you take a good hard look at the vehicle in the crash… the silver one. Notice anything?

    Why wasn’t this obviously serious accident in the NW Herald today?

    Appears to be a “Federal” or unmarked police vehicle.

  2. Okay, first of all… that little silver Nissan is not a “federal” or an unmarked police vehicle… That little silver car was my car. I was the one driving it and i was the one who was airlifter…i know what heppened cause i was in that totalled car… I am lucky to be alive considering the condition of my car…

  3. oh yea and the reason it wasn’t in the paper today was because i asked them not to print it just yet…

  4. seriously? the car was no federal or unmarked car, just a 22 year old on is way home from work. He could have had his life taken from us and your mad that it wasnt it the paper because it could have been a police vehicle. Grow up.

  5. We were heading north on 47 and came across the crash must have been moments after it happened, the first squad car just rolled up, cars will still getting by northbound. We were the 5th car back when they forced us to turn back. There was a guy sitting on the back of the white car that was in the ditch. The semi wasn’t there, I’m guessing he couldn’t quite make the turn to go back. But a little further south there was a white semi stopped, I think he witnessed it. I could see the driver of the silver car slumped over the steering wheel. As we were inching along getting ready to turn around a whole bunch of fireman surrounded the car examing it to see how to do the extraction.

  6. Andrue, glad to hear your okay… I did not see Cal’s other photo’s of the cars I just saw the photo taken from distance… and I did not have my glasses on.. AFTER, I sent the comment, I saw what your car was and emailed it to Cal..

    My lord, it appears to have ripped the outer skin of your car right off? The other photo kind of shows your alloy wheels as well…I should have sent in the note to this comment board after seeing the enlarged photo.

    WOW, you must still be in shock! I hope your feeling okay and Im very happy you survived. What happened? Since the NW Herald didnt do any story?

    Thank you.

  7. Robin, where did I say I was “mad” that the story was not in the NW Herald? Show me please,

    Simply an observation….. seems the blogs in McHenry County have more news and photo’s on local issues than the newspaper does. Simple statement of “fact.” (touchy aren’t we?)

    Looking at the ‘distance’ photo of the silver car, it does appear like an unmarked police vehicle, until you see the lower photos which I hadn’t seen, and then enlarge them.

    An interesting question is: Why is LifeFlight being utilized like an ambulance service. If the young man is online typing, hours after being ‘LifeFlighted’ that would in fact make me ‘mad’ when the ‘bill’ comes… what is the cost about $8,000.00 vs $250.00.

    Maybe Robin can enlighten us on that too since she seemingly has intuition by adding words to my statements that I hadn’t placed forth myself.

  8. Oh my god! Your worried about the hospital bill? He didn’t call and arange a helicopter ride for himself! Just be concerned he’s alive and ok. F!#$ the bill!

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