14th District Watch – Republican Randy Hultgren Notes Analyst’s Shift in Prediction to “Pure Toss Up”

While national Beltway observers don’t think much of Joe Walsh’s chances of upsetting Melissa Bean in the 8th congressional district, one respected commentator has described GOP candidate Randy Hultgren’s chances against incumbent Democrat Bill Foster (south of the McHenry-Kane County line) as a “pure toss up.”

While Hultgren reports his best fund raising quarter yet, the cash on hand ratio of incumbent to challenger is over 10-1, about the same ratio as seen between Bean and Walsh.

Here’s Hultgren’s spin:

The Momentum is Shifting!
Great news from the campaign trail!

This week non-partisan political analyst Stu Rothenberg came out with his latest House race rankings, and he’s moved Rep. Bill Foster’s seat closer to the Republican column, calling it a “Pure Toss Up!”

Additionally, thanks to the huge outpouring of support from around the district, our campaign had its best fundraising quarter yet!

I want to thank you again for the support you have provided my campaign for Congress in the 14th District!

I feel a deep commitment and responsibility to the people of our community to be a Congressman who represents you and your values. The election in the fall represents an opportunity to choose between two very different value systems and two very different visions for our future.

  • My vision seeks to accelerate business and job growth. Bill Foster and Nancy Pelosi want government to grow.
  • My vision empowers the individual. Bill Foster and Nancy Pelosi favor empowering government.
  • My vision values freedom. Bill Foster and Nancy Pelosi value “collectivism.”
  • My vision includes an understanding that taxes and regulation are a burden on the entrepreneur. Bill Foster supported Nancy Pelosi in passing enormous tax increases on small business and burdened them with unnecessary regulation.

Our country is at a crossroads. Our choice in the upcoming election will have implications not only for our children but for their children as well. I believe we can win the House back and restore fiscal responsibility for our children’s sake. I am confident that we can prevail in helping to shape America’s future and make sure its best days are ahead of her. To move in that direction, I need your help.

We will face a well-funded Bill Foster in the fall campaign. Mr. Foster has already been supported financially by special interests eager to have him continue to do their bidding. Therefore our campaign has to effectively communicate its message through YOU!

You can be a critical part of our message delivery through simply sharing the message of our campaign and why you believe in it. We plan to provide you with information over the next several months so you can share the clear differences between me and Mr. Foster with your friends and neighbors.

Your next step in helping the campaign is sharing this email with people you believe should know about the issues in this campaign. Our goal is to have a well-informed group willing to share why they care so much about our country’s future.

I continue to be humbled by your support.

Best regards,

Candidate for Congress

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