Attempted Central High School Girl Abduction

The following email arrived at 3:04 PM.

I was alerted to look for something by District 47’s Communications Director Lori Parrish’s having robo-called to tell me the same information.

Forewarned, etc.

Alert Name: Attempted Child Abduction

Alert Type: High Importance

Complete Message:
This afternoon a female high school student who was walking back to school following her lunch period, was approached by a man in a small silver 4 door vehicle in the east parking lot of Husmann Elementary School. [Emphasis added.]

Crystal Lake Central High School on a spring day.

The student was not harmed and returned to school safely where she informed administration about the situation. The Crystal Lake Police Department is investigating the incident and there will be an increased police presence in the neighborhood this afternoon and in the future. As is the case every day, all of District 47 schools have adult supervision before, during, and after school to help ensure student safety.

We urge you to talk to your children about situations such as this and the appropriate response, such as contacting school staff or the police department.

School Name:Crystal Lake Community School District 47

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