Emerald Ash Borer Returns

Master Arborist Wayne White poses by his firm's yard sign.

This time the first citing of the year was in DuPage County’s Wheaton.

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that the little green insect is alive and well in the Chicago area.

I learned about it when Algonquin’s Stan Gladbach found it in his front yard.  He lives right on the Kane County line.

You see an ash tree shading our home in Lakewood.

So, that means that means my thoughts are turning to Wayne White, the Certified Arborist from Michigan who provides preventative treatment to the ash tree that overhangs our bedroom in Crystal Lake.

(For those not familiar with what an ash tree looks like, perhaps it will help to know the leaves turn bright yellow quite early in the fall and are pretty much the first to drop. They are crinkly when you step on them after they dry up.)

I don’t know when he will be making his run through the area, but as the teens say, “He’s the Man.”

You can read about his trip to McHenry County last year here.

Master Certified Arborist Wayne White shows what a difference his treament protocol provides.

When he came the first time, he showed by the Wayne County Airport (officially, “Detroit Wayne County Airport”) Metropolitan , where he was hired over five years ago to prevent the Emerald Ash Borer from decimating the trees at its entrance.

Ash trees were across the road, too. Take a look at what happened without treatment.

Two years ago, I suggested he get yard signs like others who provide services to homeowners.

I know mind is in the garage, but haven’t been able to find it yet.

If you want to see what White does to protect ash trees, you can find out here.

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