Woodstock School District Responds Favorably to Rosalinda and Zane Seipler’s Request for Equal Treatment

Rose Seipler

At the April 13th Woodstock Unit School District 200 School Board meeting, Rosalinda and Zane Seipler presented a plea that their daughter be allowed to attend a full-day dual language kindergarten class.

Mrs. Seipler wrote the letter and made the presentation.

Their request had previously been denied because almost all the kids in the class were boys.

By making their persuasive complaint, the family has now won the right for all kindergarten children to attend 6.5 hours of class versus 2.5 hours previously.

The details of the complaint took me back to when I was state representative in the 1970’s and a 13-year old Special Ed girl was put in a trailer at North Junior High in which all of the over 10 other students were boys. District 200 administrators argued before a State Board of Education hearing officer that was perfectly appropriate.

They lost and the girl was ordered to go to Summit School in East Dundee at District 200 expense. I think the district would have lost whether or not I had attended the hearing, the placement was so outrageous.

But, back to today.

Zane Seipler got a call from the school district telling him his family’s request was being granted, that the abolition of pre-school classes had freed up enough classroom space.

As a result of the request, all District 200 5-year olds for 2010-11 will be given either a full day of kindergarten or a full day of dual language kindergarten.

Before, there was a third option of half-day kindergarten for those who did not win the district’s lottery.

Thursday, Rose Seipler sent the following note of appreciation to District 200’s Board and administrators:

“I am writing this letter to thank Superintendent Ellyn Wrzeski, Assistant Superintendent Nancy Reczek, District 200 School Board, and Bilingual Coordinator Keely Krueger for the prompt response and resolution to our concerns regarding the Kindergarten programs. I spoke with several parents whose children will now be attending the new “Full Day” classes and they are all very happy and excited with the District’s decision.

“I commend District 200 for their willingness to hear out parents and take their concerns seriously. I am proud my child will begin her formal schooling in a school district that cares about equality in education.”

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