Huntley Police Investigating Linda Moore

Township Attorney Keri-Lyn Krafthefer

After reading some of the detail of Grafton Township Attorney Ancel Glink’s March legal bill of over $36,400, it was pretty obvious that Keri-Lyn Krafthefer was communicating with Huntley Police Detective Kevin Keane about an investigation of Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore.

I emailed him seeking verification and any documents that might be available under the Freedom of Information Act.

Township Supervisor Linda Moore

Here is Police Chief John Perkin’s reply of yesterday:

“There is an active investigation into allegations involving the Township.

“No charges have been filed yet.

“Since this is an ongoing investigation, the paperwork is not subject to FOIA.”

Asked for a comment, Moore told me,

”My attorney is talking to them on my behalf and he still needs to follow up and answer another question they had.”


Huntley Police Investigating Linda Moore — 18 Comments

  1. Cal, Since Linda Moore attended your recent birthday celebration, will you reciprocate and visit Linda in jail?

  2. “Then who the heck was that woman that ‘popped’ out of your cake Scream’n, ‘Who’s Your Daddy?’ Cal! It’s a rainy Saturday Cal, needed a good laugh!

  3. Notice that Cal only denies the “recent” part. If Cal wants to pretend to be neutral in his coverage of Grafton Township, he should tell his pal Linda to not talk quite so loud about Cal’s birthday party (as in “oh yes, we met at Cal Skinner’s birthday party…”)


  4. I really can’t remember the last birthday party I had. Maybe you are talking about my son’s birthday blowout.

  5. Cal, there are “MANY” past B-Day parties evidently I have ‘hosted’ that i can’t honestly remember either!! LOL LOL

    But I’m told, they were really fun…………………..!

    I’m also told that I “Ran” for the office of McHenry County ‘Coroner’ in 2008? Is this true Cal?

  6. who cares whose Bday party it is. The point is that Cal Skinner is personal friends with Linda Moore. Enough so that she attends parties at his home. Not exactly an unbiased source of “news” regarding Grafton Township.

  7. Maybe it was the Kitchen Militia party.

    It is really not a big secret that I helped with Linda Moore’s campaign.

  8. This is great how you people can make light of the fact that the trustees are trying to spend all of your money that they can. Makes you wonder if any of them go to any lawyers birtday parties. Wake up people, you will be running out of money soon. Gee I hope the guy fron=m Sun city doesn’t censure me.

  9. You’re correct Cadman… But, realistically, how many people will give up watching “American Idol,” or “Dancing with the Stars,” to attend a meeting… I mean really attend Cadman and give em heck for what they are doing?

    Plain truth is in life, People enjoy B-Day Parties, all the while showing a clear distaste for Politics. Gee, I wonder why?

    I just might be an idiot………but this is even beyond my wildest LSD trips!

    Carry on then! Cal, light those candles and don’t use those ‘trick’ ones that you have to keep ‘blow’n!’

  10. Its just the old bait and switch. bring up something that isn’t important and change the subject so that they can do more things that are illegal. I believe that the investigation should be on why the trusties would begin a cue of the township so to spend money they don’t have permission to spend. The real person that should be investigated is the lawyer starting all the problems. A few people want something so they should pay for the building.

  11. I guess Mrs Keri-Lyn Krafthefer needs more money so she is starting an investigation into to keep all of the turmoil going. Cal why isn’t there an investigation into why Mrs. Krafthefer is doing this to the township the court situation sure is enough to investigate her and the trustee isn’t it.

  12. Hey Calvin? why don’t you show up at the police station with you Big Lens act the fool and demand info on the investigation. If that doesn’t work maybe you could write a whiny letter to D.A 🙂

    Jeff the police started the invetigation try reading the blog “Doh” it might help u grasp whats going on. you must have been one of the spazes in the yellow shirts, clueless!!!

  13. Speaking of the “Kitchen Militia” that was formed to expose what was wrong with government, Government Schools. Now maybe we should re-activate.

    I had an Attorney, at a very busy restaurant see me, and he spoke over the crowd and said, ” Pam do you have your Law Degree yet, and I said, “You do not need a Law Degree to know Right from Wrong”.

    I think the tax-payers in Grafton should take a stand on RIGHT OR WRONG,
    don’t you???

  14. The KM is alive and well. Just been sitting quietly for a while, but always ready.

  15. I think that it is unbelievable that Pam Fender has constantly exposed things on the Huntley Neighbors’ website. I also see letters written to the Board listed on there. Should what goes on in private meetings BE PRIVATE? I say get rid of Pam, she is no good. She lies about eveything. There is even a page on Facebook “Fire Huntley Trustee Pam Fender”,,,people should join in and speak up!

  16. I am slowly starting to believe in what comes around will eventually go around… I am so glad that Huntley Trustee Pam Fender is getting her “dues” finally. She has been such a nasty person. I hope that her days as Trustee are numbered! She needs to grow up, put on her big girl panties, and get a life!

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