Ancel Glink’s March Bill to Grafton Township – Part 7

Grafton Township Trustees Barb Murphy, Rob LaPorta, Betty Zirk and Gerry McMahon.

This article covers the third page of the $18,000.73 bill from the Grafton Township law firm Ancel Glink for services regarding the Separation of Powers suit filed by Supervisor Linda Moore against the four Township Trustees.  We are now on the third page where more March 19th bill notation are shown.

March 19th, a Friday, Keri-Lyn Krafthefer spent 3.75 more hours researching “powers and duties of supervisor and other legal issues raised in the complaint.

Monday, March 22nd, Jeff Jurgens was researching the subject as the supervisor’s limitations as a Chief Executive Officer.

Krafthefer, meanwhile, was preparing more correspondence to Huntley Police Detective Kevin Keane.

March 23rd, Tuesday, Krafthefer shared her information in the counterclaim with the McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Office and exchanged correspondence with the police detective.

Besides that Krafthefer’s time was spent coordinating “issues with Forensicon relating to mission public records.”

Wednesday, March 24th, Krafthefer worked on

  • the “issue of the DSL line failing,”
  • “items needed for depositions,
  • “bill payment issues related to allegations in amended counterclaim,”
  • “responses to false allegations in Supervisor’s Complaint,” and
  • drafting “initial sections of amended counterclaim.”

Thursday, March 25th, was phone day. Krafthefer was on the phone two hours with AT&T “regarding supervisor’s unauthorized hijacking of Township phone numbers, plus “numerous phones (sic) calls with Township’s officials regarding same.”

She also conferred with the “forensic computer technician” and the “State’s Attorney’s investigator.”

The township attorney drafted a “Notice of Motion and Motion.”

Krafthefer also “finalize(d) materials for court” and “prepare(d) witnesses for hearing.”

Also on the job was Ellen K. Emery, another $185 an hour attorney with Ancel Glink. She prepared a ‘Notice of Motion for Emergency Motion for Temporary Restraining Order and g(o)t notice to opposing counsel.”

Almost eight hours of billing in total.

Friday, March 26th, Thomas DiCianni and Krafthefer were off to court with Betty Zirk, Gerry McMahon and Pam Fender. Moore was there, too, but her Rockford attorney John Nelson could not make the morning hearing.

DiCianni billed 4 and a half hours for the court hearing.

Krafthefer prepared for and attended the court hearing on the TRA, billing 2 hours, but noting in parentheses “NO CHARGE.”

For 3.75 hours Krafthefer

  • worked on issues related to evidence,
  • met with the State’s Attorney’s investigator,
  • exchanged correspondence with AT&T,
  • had several phone calls with AT&T and “Township regarding same,” and
  • conferred with an unnamed client regarding status.

Come Monday, March 29, DiCianni was researching “cases on supervisor’s powers on board,” while Krafthefer still working on the problems with AT&T and reviewing “correspondence campaigning (sic) about denial of general assistance benefits.”

She was also offering advise about an “issue related to forensic computer evaluation.”

The first part of the Tuesday, March 30th, bill appears on page 3 of this section of the bill titled Linda Moore v. Grafton Township.

March 30th was the day of the Township Trustees’ effort to obtain direct telephone service from the township phone numbers.

Since no photographs are allowed in courtrooms, this one of Ancel Glink Partners Keri-Lyn Krafthefer and Rob Bush from the Grafton Annual Town Meeting will have to suffice.

DiCianni billed 3.5 hours in court “regarding hearing on Motion for Temporary Restraining Order before Judge Caldwell,” plus another quarter hour for a “telephone conference with Pam Fender regarding access to desk.”

For the rest of what was charged taxpayers for the day during which DiCianni replied  a terse, “No comment,” to the First Electric Newspaper Editor Pete Gonigam’s question for one, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow.   That’s the day DiCianni’s and Krafthefer’s clients were threatened with being found in contempt of court.

Linda Moore on the phone in the outer office of the township supervisor's long-time complex in the Grafton Township Hall.

That was the hearing in which Ancel Glink got what it asked for, but not what it wanted. It resulted in Judge Michael Caldwell’s ordering the Trustees to allow Moore back in her and her predecessor’s office complex.


Ancel Glink’s March Bill to Grafton Township – Part 7 — 6 Comments

  1. Thanks for this installment Cal. It looks like Linda Moore’s “shagging” of the township owned DSL and phone lines will cost the taxpayer’s more(moore) than ten thousand dollars. ATT’s bill will ge huge . . . the legal bill to undo Linda’s damage will be huge. You go girl!

  2. Linda Moore could clear the air (showing transparency) by paying the bill for the computer forensic company. Nope! Linda will not sign the check. The computer company will not release it’s findings until it gets paid. Obstruction of justice Linda? Cal, Pete at First Electric Newspaper beat you to the forensic story. I say “No Moore.” Indite her and arrest her.

  3. Ancel Glink is certainly enjoying a sumptuous dining experience at the Grafton Township trough.

    I just loved the entry (above), •“responses to false allegations in Supervisor’s Complaint,”

    I suspect what she meant was, “responses to allegations in Supervisor’s Complaint.” It’s pretty unlikely that Moore went to the judge and said, “I want to make a false complaint.”

  4. Good read Gus….I see CK is still in her Opium stupor…………..

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