Ancel Glink’s March Bill to Grafton Township – Part 9

We have been looking at the details in the Ancel Glink invoice to Grafton Township for the month of March, 2010. So far, we have finished what Ancel Glink calls the

  • “Corporate” and
  • “Linda Moore v. Grafton Township”

portions of the bill.

Now, we move into the only one-page section, which is entitled, “Daniel G. Ziller, Jr. et al. v. Gerry McMahon, et al.

Finishing up the Ziller v. Grafton Township case that the Trustees lose before Judge Michael Caldwell. Click to enlarge.

Former Grafton Township Attorney Jim Kelly, who served under Township Supervisor John Rossi.

Monday, March 15th, Keri-Lyn Krafthefer “prepare(s) for court appearance” and “confers with Jim Kelly regarding same” for an hour. Kelly was the township’s attorney before he was replaced with Joe Gottemoller, who resigned after dealing with the situation over last summer.

Former Grafton Township Attorney Joe Gottemoller. Gottemoller followed Jim Kelly.

(See What Grafton Township’s Just Resigned Attorney Sees as Looming Legal Issues and

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Take This Job and Shove It , all three articles about Gottemoller’s resignation and the township’s unresolved legal problems.)

March 16th Krafthefer billed the township for three hours for “prepar(ing) for and attend(ing) court appearance before Judge (Michael) Caldwell, review(ing) the proposed order and meet(ing) with attorney Kelly.”

March 17th the Township Attorney spends a quarter of an hour reviewing the proposed draft order with Kelly.

March 18th another quarter hour is billed “review(ing) and respond(ing) to correspondence regarding implication of court order.” No indication is given as to whom the letter or email is sent.

March 23rd drew another quarter of an hour bill for “review(ing) correspondence from Jim Kelly” and “review(ing) the court order entered in the Ziller case regarding injunction.”

New Township Hall proposed for Haligus Road in Lake in the Hills.

Total cost to Grafton Township taxpayers for the five hours on the invoice?


Crystal Lake attorney Jim Bishop won the case for those opposed to building a new $5 million (when interest is included) Grafton Township Hall.

First, he won before Judge Michael Caldwell in Circuit Court.

Then, when the Trustees tried to do an end run by providing full notice at a township board meeting, Bishop own again. The judge informed their attorney that he meant they could try again at an Annual Town Meeting, which, of course, they just did and failed miserably.

The Township Trustees did not give up, appealing Caldwell’s decision to the 2nd Appellate Court. Bishop won a third time.

Township Administrator Pam Fender holds up the real estate listing of the vacant factory building she found at the March 11, 2010, meeting.

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There is still a court-order referendum on whether to build a township hall to be held at the November elections.  I know of no one who thinks it has a chance of passing…especially after the over 700 verified registered voter turn out at the Annual Town Meeting.

All efforts by the current Township Trustees to resurrect the question of new offices, including purchasing an old, empty factory found by Township Administrator Pam Fender were trounced.

That, however, did not seem to discourage the Trustees.  The very next day, they filed court papers intended to bounce Linda Moore from office.

Grafton Township Democrats certainly have their eyes on the bickering Republican office holders. In this photo of part of the audience at an early Septembeer, 2009, meeting you can see future Democratic Party Chairman Mike Bissett, his wife, McHenry County Board member Paula Yensen, outgiong Township Attorney Jim Kelly and McHenry County Board member Jim Kennedy.

All of this infighting among officials elected as Republicans leads me to believe Democrats will control Grafton Township government after the 2013 elections.


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  1. Think about the fact that Joe Gottemoller had the class to step out in view of the fees AG has billed…..Therein lay the difference between what is right and what is wrong…

  2. The dems will have to wait 3 years and they’ll still only get 2 votes 🙂

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