The Taxman Cometh

When my Crystal Lake Community High School Class of 1960 held its tenth reunion, I was on the committee. We put together a questionnaire and one question this then-late twenty-something guy came up with was

“What do you want on your tombstone?”

Now, with classmates of this 67-year old dying, it doesn’t seem so amusing, but you know how young people think they are immortal.

My line was

“The Taxman Cometh.”

I was McHenry County Treasurer at the time.

Today, the Taxman came(th).

Property tax bills arrived in the mailbox from McHenry County Treasurer Bill LeFew.

Thanks to a property tax appeal by attorney Jim Bishop (you’ll see his ad to the left every once in a while), our real estate bill decreased from $8,831.72 to $7,642.80, a 13 1/2% cut.

The bill offers a dollar comparison, but, unfortunately, there is no rate comparison.

Click to enlarge either part of the tax bill shown.

OK. so why bother you with how much we are going to save this year?

The reason is so you can protect yourself next year.

Those of use who got lower real estate assessments in 2009 than we had in 2008 (remember, the tax cycle is always one year behind) got a lower tax bill.

If you aren’t one of the people who did not appeal and get a lower real estate assessments, it means you will pay a higher percentage of the total tax bill than last year.

Those who got reductions will pay a smaller percentage.

So, to protect yourself next year, you need to appeal your real estate tax assessment. You can do it yourself—just find 3-5 properties that are worth what yours is, but are assessed lower, fill out the form, submit it and argue it before the McHenry County Board of Review—or you can hire an attorney like Jim Bishop at 815-455-0244.


The Taxman Cometh — 6 Comments

  1. I guess the difference between you & me Cal is that I don’t mind paying my fair share to support the work my government does. I don’t even mind paying to supply the pension that we promised you when you served in office oh so many years ago. Good thing most people think like me, huh?

  2. Well, it you didn’t appeal, then you are very likely paying more than your fair share.

  3. Many of my neighbors appealed. We got varying reductions. The township assessor seemed rather arbitrary about it – some with out of township comps got thrown out, other people had their out of township comps considered. In the end it seemed like they were just throwing you a bone.

  4. Joe,

    I agree with Cal. You are paying more than you fair share. Thanks from us to you. You assume that the goverment’s assesment of your home is correct. I assume they are wrong, but must work to prove it. As far as the pensions go. A little too rich for the economy today. That will be changing as well.

  5. When does the 2010 taxes come out so I can appeal them as I am sure they wont be decreased with me requesting it.

  6. Sometime soon. You could call your local assessor. He/she would know the approximate date.

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