Ancel Glink’s March Bill to Grafton Township – Part 11

The second page of Ancel Glink's March daily billing for work done in preparation for the April 13th Annual Town Meeting of Grafton Township electors. Click to enlarge.

The second page of the Ancel Glink March bills for the Annual Town Meeting, which was held April 13th, is the subject today.

Verifying that over 700 Grafton Township residents were registered voters took a lot of time. This picture was taken after the 7 PM meeting was supposed to have started.

First, we finish up March 10th:

  • “Correspondence to Pam Fender with memo to board regarding annual town meeting (Keri-Lyn Krafthefer – one quarter of an hour)
  • “Complete revisions to resolutions and memorandum; finalize same (Paula Randal – one hour)

There were a few empty seats near the top of the Huntley High School bleachers in the half hour the meeting was delayed to check the over 700 registered voters in.

March 11th, Ancel Glink billed three hours:

  • Research and correspond on annual meeting agenda issues and requirements for same (Paula Randall – half an hour)
  • Continue work on resolutions related to annual town meeting; revisions to memo regarding same; review board packet and agenda (and) respond to correspondence from Acting Clerk” (Krafthefer – one hour)
  • Revise memo to town board; prepare resolution accepting conveyance of property (Scott Puma – one hour)

Waiting for the meeting to start, some studied the handout from the opponents of building a new township hall or buying and remodeling an old Huntley factory buildling. Others chatted.

March 16th, there was only a quarter of an hour billed. Krafthefer answered a question about the annual town meeting, but the bill does not say who asked it.

And still more people were wating to be checked in.

March 18th, Krafthefer had an inquiry, again from a person unrevealed, about the minutes and the annual meeting. In addition, she “advise(d) on proposed town meeting agenda (and) research(ed) issue regarding annual financial report.” Still again, the person to whom the advice was given remains secret.

After the bleacher seats were filled, people fended for themselves and brought in chairs that were grouped around small tables in the hall.

March 19th, only a half hour was billed by Krafthefer. She “review(ed) statutory provisions regarding annual financial statement (and) prepare(d) correspondence regarding same and regarding annual town meeting.”

Huntley Police Chief John Perkins confers with Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore prior to the start of the Annual Town Meeting.

March 22nd saw more work by the main Township Attorney “on unwind materials for annual meeting in preparation for establishing agenda for annual town meeting,” plus review(ing) and respond(ing) to inquiry regarding annual town meeting agenda.” Is the fourth instance where Krafthefer didn’t manage to identify who made the inquiry?

The Haligus Road property that the previous Grafton Township Board under th leadership of John Rossi purchasded from the Village of Lake in the Hills. Electors at the Annual Town Meeting voted to sell it for a minimum of $99,500 after giving the LITH Board first refusal.

March 23rd saw billing Grafton Township for two and three-quarters hours to

  • “Continue work on 4 resolutions for annual town meeting
  • “Confer with attorney for Lake in the Hills regarding Halligus Road property
  • “Work on issues related to unwind of land transactions
  • “Confer with Assessor regarding same
  • “Review background material regarding property transfers
  • “Review annual town meeting minutes from 2009.”

Lake in the Hills Attorney Rich Flood

Pat Coen, the Grafton Township Road Commissioner's Attorney

On March 24th, two phone calls were made by Krafthefer to fellow attorneys, one to Patrick Coen, the Road Commissioner’s attorney, and the other to Rich Flood, Lake in the Hills’ legal counsel. No way to know how long the phone calls were, but the bill was a quarter of an hour for each or $46.25 per call.

March 29th
was a light day, too. Krafthefer billed $92.50 for a half an hour to “review correspondence from Patrick Coen regarding issues related to unwind; work on issue regarding Haligus Road property.

Grafton Township Road Commissioner Jack Freund's Attorney Pat Coen confers with Grafton Township Trustees' Attorney Keri-Lyn Krafthefer. Apparently, the time billed for conferring with Coen during March was inadequate to reach agreement on what should occur at the Annual Town Meeting.

March 30th saw two Ancel Glink attorneys billing Grafton Township. Krafthefer put in three-quarters of an hour to “finalize materials in preparation for special meeting to establish agenda for annual town meeting” and Randall billed 3¾ hours to “work on resolutions relating to Haligus Road property.

March 31st, finally, the end of the month and the daily billings. Krafthefer drafted a revised annual town meeting agenda and sent it to newly-appointed Township Clerk Harriet Ford, as well as reviewed the referendum question relating to the financing for the town hall. She also worked on language for the Haligus Road transactions and reviewed the the proposed list of surplus property.

And, all of that took just time time normally billed for two phone calls, a half an hour.

Grafton Township Assessor Bill Ottley attended the Annual Town Meeting.

Randall spent two hours reviewing and preparing the draft resolutions, plus holding “conferences with Assessor (Bill) Ottley and staff.” This time Ottley’s name was spelled correctly.

45 hours billed to prepare for the April 13th Annual Town Meeting during March.

Below you can see a summary of which attorneys billed how much for this “Annual Town Meeting” part of the $36,432.14 Ancel Glink bill to Grafton Township for March of 2010.

The summary of Ancel Glink's March bill for 45 hours of "Annual Town Meeting" work. Click to enlarge any image.


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  1. How do you spell Trustees in Grafton Twp.?

    T r u $ t e e $

    Zirk, McMahon, Murphy, and Laporta – what are you thinking?

  2. Again, nothing to worry about. Didn’t you hear, the Supervisor doesn’t have to pay the townships bills.

  3. Always bad rapping the trustee’s when everone one knows that Supervisor Moore is the problem.

    Dee you don’t think!

  4. Nice picture of Ottley, now I know what he looks like since he didn’t bother to show up at my property tax appeal. He sent his lackies to his dirty work.

  5. So KnockKnock you think because someone doesn’t want a roadway to go through their property they are a problem, then when they want to stop something because it isn’t what the people want they are a problem also. I guess you are one the people who think the majority don’t have the right to voice their opinion that they should just shut up and let you do what you want. Sounds like a dictatorship not a democracy.

  6. The trustees are the problem. Over 700 electors had to clean up their mess at the annual meeting and keep them from buying a building. They are acting on behalf of the losing former supervisor who led us into this mess.

  7. Hey dip shirt, that meeting didn’t clean up anything. Wish in one hand poop in the other and see which weighs more 🙂 Any road that make my drive even one second faster I’m all it. The yellow shirts mislead your majority with lies. I’m not a sheep I see right through your Bull S&#t

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